PHOTOS: FlyBosnia touches down in Kuwait


FlyBosnia operated its first commercial flight yesterday, between Sarajevo and Kuwait City, with the airline receiving a special welcome in the Gulf. The special service comes a month before the carrier commences scheduled operations. "Our approach at FlyBosnia has always been the same - to link Bosnia and Herzegovina with nonstop flights on select routes in Europe and the Middle East where there is sufficient demand. The destinations in our first phase of expansion will be Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait, Bahrain, Beirut and Amman in the Middle East, as well as London, Frankfurt, Rome and Dublin in Europe. We will continue expanding our network as our fleet grows", the carrier's CEO, Chris Gabriel, said. The airline is expected to take delivery of a second Airbus A319 jet in the coming days.



  1. Anonymous11:03

    any infos on LF?
    doesnt look particularly busy at check-in but you cannot say it from one picture

  2. Anonymous13:24

    Bravo Flybosnia!

  3. Cestitke za usjesne letove i visok L/F sam vec poslao , medjutim u komunikaciji sa aerodromom KWI je trebalo iskomunicirati i call sign ili broj leta a ne staviti registrasku oznaku drzave operatora na odlazni display. Na nekim stvarima se trebalo poraditi. Posebne cestitke kabinskom osoblju, prvom i pravom ambasadoru nase zemlje worldwide jer se putnik uvijek prvo sa njima susrece na letu !!!

    1. Anonymous14:07


    2. Anonymous19:49

      Pravilo je da ako carrier nema IATA kod,stavlja se kod drzave.Nikad,ali apsolutno nikad,se npr ne stavlja ICAO kod kompanije niti callsign(call sign ili registracija-samo za GA)


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