Qatar Airways boosts Belgrade service


Qatar Airways will introduce an additional three weekly flights between Doha and Belgrade for a total of ten weekly rotations during the peak summer months. "The specific flights are available only during the travel period between July 9 and September 28, 2019", the company said. The new services are scheduled to depart Doha in the afternoon at 17.10 each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, arriving in Belgrade at 21.25. The inbound service will depart Nikola Tesla Airport at 22.35 and touch down at Hamad International at 04.25 the following day. The additional services will be operated by the Airbus A320 aircraft. The flights are being sold under promotional fares until June 16.


  1. Anonymous10:52

    This makes sense, they need those extra flights to boost connectivity. That's why EY also added that second daily flight.

  2. Anonymous10:52

    Funny how they arrive and depart with the JU wave.

  3. Finally! But why seasonally where there is obviously much more ME demand in BEG? Those night flights are quite convenient for transfers, especially SE Asia.
    Maybe they did this in response to EY double daily service.

    1. Anonymous10:59

      They already upgraded BEG to A321 so I think they do well even with EY in town. I am sure if bookings are solid in September they will extend the flights into winter. Just like Aegean kept the Thursday flight last year until the end of November.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking, too. They might be an experiment.

      Just checked some random dates in July with the new flights:
      BEG-BKK RT 470€
      BEG-SIN RT 510€

      Quite good and cheaper than EY with good transfer times in Hamad Airport.

      TK will soon react too :-)

    3. Anonymous11:14

      Not to mention they have a much better on board product than Etihad which has just started using new economy seats with no inflight entertainment screens on the AUH-BEG flights which lasts over 5 hours.

    4. Yes, completely agreed. What's interesting is that QR have decided to retire their A320, A330 and the A380, at a later stage meaning that they will remain with 4 aircraft types: A321neo/LR, Dreamliner, A350 and Triple 7.

      My guess is that we'll be deploying their A321neo to the smaller markets. Especially in the Balkans.

    5. Nemjee11:33

      TK can't react because they are already full at current fares. If they lower them then they would replace higher paying passengers with lower ones. That is why they first wanted to deploy the A333 to BEG and when that didn't work out they wanted to add three extra flights. So TK wants to react but Serbia won't let them.

    6. Voja12:24

      TK should pressure their ministry of transport or whatever is called in Turkey to renegotiate bilateral agreement with Serbia, but that's probably not very high on their priority list. They have much bigger markets to focus on.

    7. Anonymous12:29

      I am sure KK is blocking them as well, they probably have their contacts in the government. BEG is one of the rare European destinations they didn't cut some months ago when they heavily reduced their network.

    8. Anonymous14:44

      Have EY already started flight with those plane without TVs?

    9. Anonymous14:45

      They started today. On their instagram page there are people complaining about this especially people who say they fly BEG-AUH.

    10. Anonymous15:38

      They are idiots. As if these things will help them improve their finances. They will just help people chose flydubai or Qatar. Within two years they are going to be back to their old cabins.

    11. Anonymous15:47

      The EY level has become very low. Thier comments are getting worse, too.
      A once FOUR star airline is now 4/10 in Skytrax! And Skytrax is one of the most prestigious aviation portals.

      Complaints about food and being a LCC company.
      Not good, this is not good at all.

    12. Anonymous16:32

      Check out some reports from their long-haul flights and how low their quality has become. Qatar will eat them alive. Not to mention that there are more players now such as Air Arabia or Oman Air... even Saudia that are trying to copy that business model.

    13. Anonymous17:01

      Not good, this is not good at all...

      Evo ga opet ovaj da ne kažem ko je po imenu. Skajtreks je na lošem glasu. Tvoje vradžbine da stvari nisu dobre po JU-BEG nikako ne uspevaju. Ne ide ti ta magija.

    14. Anonymous20:48

      @Anon 17:01
      Pa nema veze ovo sa JU, već sa Etihadom. A ponuda na letu od 5+ sati po novom je primetno slabija od konkurencije...

    15. Anonymous21:03

      Swa sretja pa nemaju konkurentziyu za AUH.

    16. Anonymous21:07

      @Anon 14:45
      I agree that this is not so clever move by EY and they will have lower quality product comparing to competition if this is final decision.
      But, I wasn't lazy and had checked their Instagram profile - there is literally 0 (zero) comments mentioning that they are flying BEG-AUH. Have you made this up?

    17. Anonymous21:16

      No I did not make it up. I read three comments with people mentioning BEG. Certainly not going to go through 300+ comments for you but here is the first one I found (it took me all of 15 seconds). So before throwing around accusations do a little research yourself

    18. Anonymous21:24

      Yes, I missed that one, sorry.
      To be fair, that post sound like she is asking if IFE was canceled on this route, not that she experienced it...

  4. Anonymous12:29

    Is LO offering connections from BEG to Asia?

    1. Anonymous14:33

      Yes and usually with competitive prices in all classes.

    2. Anonymous14:39

      mmm not really, connections work only in one direction.

    3. Anonymous19:36

      True. BEG-SIN passengers are required around 4-5 hours stop over, unlike TK, QR or EY (the best is TK with both options, long and short stop over and visa free for all of Ex-YU contries) But, sometimes the difference between LO and other carriers is a couple of hundred of Euros, so that each of us can determine his/her priorities - spare some money and spend time at rather decent WAW Airport (especially for *Gold members, with access to pleasant LOT Lounge) or something else, a wonderful Istanbul sightseeing, for example.

    4. Anonymous20:09

      I think LO is concentrated on western Europe, US and Canada. For Asia they need a morning departure from Warsaw. I would still like them to have a really early departure from BEG, at 05.00, so that we can connect onto their morning flights in Warsaw.

  5. Anonymous12:30

    Markets such as Skopje (or Zagreb in winter) cannot be served with A321.

    1. Anonymous12:44

      SKP struggles in summer as well. No one can compete with TK there since they carry passengers to Asia and the US...but also to Europe.

    2. Anonymous12:53

      Markets such as Skopje (or Zagreb in winter) cannot be served with A321. On what do you base that, as for instance QR keeps ZAG at double daily A320 service? Frequency usually beats capacity any time, but it would be safe to assume that ZAG could easily handle 1 321 at least, no matter the period?

    3. Anonymous13:43

      If it could handle one 321 and one 320 in the same day, then they would send 321 ... but since they are sending 2 320s there is no enough demand, they go for frequency instead

    4. Anonymous13:49

      Interesting logic to say the least, anon me it makes more sense that market with more demand receives more capacity as 2 320s bring more seats vs 1 321? Anyway, question was raised if ZAG can absorb 321, not how much of them a day...

    5. Anonymous18:42

      Zagreb is struggling in winter with 738 not saying with the A321.

  6. Anonymous13:50

    cool about QR but to tell you the truth I am more excited about JU launching KRR!

  7. Good oportunity to to rich to Belgrade. We are stack in Doha three days all redy. Next is Belgrade. We hope?.
    Rodney & Assoc. Hotel Golden Ocean, Doha.


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