Qeshm Air plans Belgrade refuelling stops


Iran's Qeshm Air plans to make scheduled technical stops in Belgrade on its new flights to Geneva as of next week. The airline has applied to operate two weekly services between Tehran and Swiss city from June 2, each Thursday and Sunday, with an Airbus A320 jet. Passengers will not disembark the aircraft during the technical stop. In 2010 and 2011, Iran Air frequently refuelled in both Belgrade and Ljubljana on its Europe-bound flights. Iranian carriers have been hit by tough US sanctions which has seen fuel providers refuse service to Iranian-registered airlines. Qeshm Air operated scheduled services to Belgrade last summer season.


  1. Qeshm had fuel stops this winter season Friday and Saturday, to/from AMS and BRU

    1. Anonymous17:15

      I think it was HAM and BRU bit maybe they changed it.

  2. Anonymous18:25

    Last year Qeshm flew twice a week with a plane filling 300 pax.
    Then politics came and ruined everything as usual.

    1. Not qeshm, mahan air did, also Iranian carrier

    2. Anonymous09:30

      Qeshm, Mahan and Iran Air all flew to Belgrade with widebodies. Qeshm sent its A300.

    3. Anonymous12:36

      Last year Mahan flew four times a week with the Airbus 340-300 and for this year daily flights were planned even with the Airbus 340-600 .
      Heard first of this from an Iranian collegue at work and then it was mentioned by others here on Ex Yu Aviation .
      So it definitely was no rumour.


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