Sarajevo Airport sees April growth


Sarajevo Airport welcomed 89.843 passengers in April, representing an increase of 3.3% compared to the same month last year. The figure was achieved despite the number of aircraft movements decreasing 10.3% to 1.069. During the January - April period, Bosnia and Herzegovina's busiest airport handled 264.351 travellers, up 3.2%. Aircraft movements declined 4.2%. Overall, Sarajevo Airport added 8.266 passengers on last year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN53.485 1.2
FEB53.130 8.5
MAR67.893 2.8
APR89.843 3.3


  1. Anonymous10:36

    With the birth of 6W, those figures will significantly increase and SJJ will position itself higher in the ex-Yu ranking.
    Exciting times for BiH and lets not forget BNX...the newest star.

    1. Anonymous10:51

      So which airports could SJJ realistically overtake? TGD? TIV?

    2. Anonymous11:08


    3. Anonymous11:26

      Last year SJJ was the 10th busiest airport in ex-yu after TGD.

      The trend will likely be the same in 2019 because TGD and TIV are both growing like crazy.
      If EK launches flights to SJJ, then this will be another story.

    4. There won't be some dramatic rise in traffic and passenger numbers at SJJ unless the airport privatisation and de-coupling of politics and air-traffic management in BiH.


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