Air Serbia - Bulgaria Air expand codeshare


Air Serbia and Bulgaria Air have expanded their codeshare cooperation to include more destinations. The Bulgarian carrier has placed its designator code and flights numbers onto Air Serbia's newly launched services from Belgrade to Cairo, Helsinki and Nice. "This codeshare is part of Bulgaria Air's policy to cooperate with airlines which operate on the Bulgarian market, with which the national carrier aims to expand the range and quality of services it offers to its clients", Bulgaria Air said. Up until now, Bulgaria Air codeshared on Air Serbia's flights to Sofia, while the Serbian carrier has its codes on its counterpart's operations to Varna.


  1. Anonymous13:36

    I think the JU-FB codeshare is a lot more extensive than that. I think it covers even JFK.

    1. Anonymous13:38

      No it does not cover JFK. JFK is only codeshared by Etihad and Montenegro Airlines. And the Bulgaria Air codeshare is not extensive.

    2. Anonymous13:54

      Wasn't there KK on the JFK codeshare?

    3. Anonymous13:57

      No, they applied with US DoT, got the approval to codeshare on Air Serbia but never did. Don't know why.

    4. Anonymous14:12

      I thought to saw them in the list for a while then it dropped.

    5. Anonymous17:48

      Btw, is there a list of JU codeshares somewhere?


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