Air Serbia hiring pilots across fleet


Air Serbia is seeking non-type rated first officers on its Airbus A320-family, ATR72 and Boeing 737 aircraft. General requirements include a commercial pilot license with minimum 100 hours as pilot in command on type, a valid EASA or Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate validated license, class I medical and English language proficiency. Further terms and conditions can be found here. The application deadline has been set for June 30. Ahead of its busiest summer season since its relaunch in October 2013, Air Serbia hired 21 junior co-pilots for ATR and Airbus aircraft. At the same time, the national airline has organised pilot training, with eleven fulfilling requirements to be promoted to the position of captain, or move up to a different aircraft type.


  1. What is the salary of a new pilot in AS?

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    1. They are looking for non type rated pilots, but require 100 hours PIC on TYPE!!! how does that work?

    2. Full reverse16:30

      It is a mistake, open the link ("Further terms and conditions can be found here.", above). It requires only 100 hours as PIC, not on type.


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