Croatia Airlines unveils new premium meals


Croatia Airlines will introduce new on board catering for its business class passengers as of tomorrow. The carrier will offer meals prepared by renowned Croatian chef Dino Galvagno, which are inspired by delicacies from Zagreb. Passengers will be able to enjoy traditional meals such as turkey with mlinci, homemade štrukli, Kale stew with meat patties and other Zagreb-inspired dishes. “The majority of meals are inspired by traditional Zagreb cuisine, but we also used local ingredients from other parts of Croatia”, the carrier said. Chef Galvagno has been creating dishes for Croatia Airlines’ business class passengers since 2016.


  1. Anonymous10:44

    WOW they are really stepping up their game! These days OU is really ahead of the curve when it comes to onboard innovations!

    1. Anonymous20:17

      With all due respect I have to ask, what exactly is upscale and out of the world about this? You get business class meals like this on all Star Alliance carriers and even closer to home on Adria and Air Serbia.


      Air Serbia

      Both pics are from last 6 months

  2. Anonymous10:50

    Always a pleasure to fly with :)

  3. Anonymous11:06

    Really, really nice and neat product. Bravo Hrvatska and bravo OU!!

  4. Anonymous11:13

    Yes, bravo indeed. BUT, are they making money ?

    1. Anonymous20:07

      I guess they must be if they are going upscale with this offering. Although I would say that they have more important priorities than this ...

  5. Anonymous11:23

    I am glad that they are basing this off of Zagreb (central Croatian) cuisine. Their meals until now have been mostly inspired by Dalmatia and Istria, which I always found odd for an airline with the main hub in Zagreb. I understand why they did it, but with Zagreb becoming more of a tourist destination itself rather than a transfer point to the coast they probably thought it is a good time to change their meals to reflect that.


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