Dubrovnik registers May growth


Dubrovnik Airport saw 315.037 passengers pass through its doors last month, an improvement of 8.1%. During the January - May period, 643.808 travellers used Dubrovnik Airport's services, up 19.7%. Overall, the airport added 106.116 passengers on last year. June figures are also expected to grow, with Ryanair launching its first service to Dubrovnik, while just after midnight Central European Summer Time, American Airlines will inaugurate operations to the city.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN26.323 18.1
FEB33.765 40.3
MAR57.880 21.4
APR210.803 39.0
MAY315.037 8.1


  1. People kept on saying how SPU had lower growth due to capacity constraints caused by terminal construction and whatnot yet DBV managed to record an almost double digit growth.

    Great job DBV! Always leading the way in HR.

    1. Ranking last May:

      SPU: 304.135
      ZAG: 300.676
      DBV: 291.453

      Ranking this May:

      DBV: 315.037
      ZAG: 311.368
      SPU: 310.810

    2. Croatia had in the month of May Including Pula & Zadar more than 1.1 million passengers. Just wow, Million pax in April as well.

    3. Hey Purger, nice new nickname.

    4. DBV is realy a gem among Croatian airports and to it SPU looks like a farm. No insult intended.

    5. Yeah very nice, also
      ZAD: 90.416 (+34,90%)
      PUY: 72.475
      RJK: 17.481

    6. It seems that ZAD is growing at the expense of SPU. Which is a great news indeed as SPU is not capable to provide a quality of service to its pax. Hopefully they will learn something from DBV.

  2. With this growth could DBV have 2.8 million this year?

  3. Will there be a live report 2morrow?

  4. Fantastična je ova obnovljena pista i rulnice. SPU neće imati nešto nalik ovome idućih 10 godina.

    1. Is the new apron ready for ops?

  5. Replies
    1. Will there be a webcam? One is missing on the homepage...


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