FACC to open Croatia facility


Austrian technologies company FACC, a global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing advanced aircraft components and systems for the aerospace industries, is investing around thirty million euros into a new production facility in Croatia. It will be located in Jakovlje near Zagreb. At the plant, FACC will produce lightweight cabin components for commercial and business aircraft using fibre composite technology. Up to 600 jobs will be created at the 12.200 square metre facility. FACC described its decision as an important step in its globalisation strategy. When it opens in 2021, the plant will give FACC the capacity to meet customer demand for its products. "FACC benefits from the strong growth in the aviation industry. As a global player in the composite sector, FACC has been growing faster than the market over the first thirty years of its existence. In line with overall market requirements and customer demands, we are continuously enlarging our manufacturing capacities", FACC CEO, Robert Machtlinger, said in a statement. Jakovlje was picked after a “highly competitive” site selection process, according to the company, with the decision based on, “Croatia’s established industry, the proximity to FACC’s Austrian facilities and its highly trained, technically skilled workforce”. FACC is active in the design, development and production of aerospace technologies and advanced aircraft lightweight systems, working with all major manufacturers. According to the company, an aircraft takes off with FACC technology on board every second.

Planned FACC facility in Jakovlje


  1. Anonymous11:23

    Very good development.

  2. Anonymous12:20

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. This will create highly paid jobs at least. Good job.

    1. Anonymous15:36

      Good job,

      although lamination production of different components is a little bit dirty and unhealthy job and not so highly paid as someone would imagine, highly paid jobs are more in R&D department than in production.

  4. Wow, some good/positive news from Croatia :)


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