Iberia to end Dubrovnik winter flights


Spain’s national carrier, Iberia, will discontinue its winter operations between Madrid and Dubrovnik, downgrading the route to seasonal summer flights. The airline commenced two weekly winter services between the two cities last year, during the 2018/19 winter season. On the other hand, Iberia will boost its winter operations to Zagreb by adding an additional weekly flight for a total of three. The new service will run on Sundays. This summer, the Spanish flag carrier has significantly increased its operations to Croatia, with the airline boosting capacity by 44.6% compared to 2018, offering up to 204.586 seats between the two countries. "Most of our passengers to and from Croatia fly point to point, but we also have connecting traffic. Among the cities that feed more passengers to our flights from/to Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb last year were New York, Lisbon, Bilbao, Porto, Chicago, Boston and Miami", the airline told EX-YU Aviation News earlier this year. Next month, Iberia will launch its fourth destination in Croatia, to Zadar, which will run twice per week until August 31.


  1. Anonymous13:53

    Such a shame for DBV but fantastic news for ZAG which won't get much love in W20.

  2. Anonymous15:50

    One weekly flight.

  3. Really bad news for DBV, also don't understand why they couldn't make it work. Their Barcelona - Dubrovnik flights are doing extremly well

    1. Anonymous17:59

      Because the market is best served via ZAG. Others can buy two separate tickets on IB and OU.

    2. Anonymous18:31

      Have you ever been in Dubrovnik during winter time, let's say in January? Everything is closed, you have to drive to Montenegro to get a decent fresh fish dinner.

    3. But of course! Hilton, Sheraton, Radisson and Rixos in DBV are opened in July and August only and serve hamburgers and kebab only, no fresh fish, that luxury one gets in MNE only, OMG. ..

    4. I mean of course DBV could do much better in winter, and of course I am not happy with IB discontinuing winter flights, but saying you have to go to MNE to eat fish, that's really too much, even for people who don't like DBV

    5. Anonymous08:45

      And how many people can afford to go to those five star hotels and eat fish?


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