Sarajevo Airport registers May decline


Sarajevo Airport has seen its passenger numbers decline in May as it handled 74.178 travellers, a decrease of 8.5% on last year. This is despite the number of aircraft movement remaining mostly unchanged at 1.049 compared to 1.040 in 2018. During the January - May period, Sarajevo Airport welcomed 338.529 passengers through its doors, an increase of 0.4%. Sarajevo Airport is expected to see a boom in traffic this June with nine new routes launching from the city.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN53.485 1.2
FEB53.130 8.5
MAR67.893 2.8
APR89.843 3.3
MAY74.178 8.5


  1. "aircraft movement remaining mostly unchanged at 1.049 compared to 1.400 in 2018."

    I am sorry, but this change is not irrelevant, it is a big drop in aircraft movement

  2. Holiday shift. June will be much stronger.

    1. Yeah, sure. Maybe we can vlmab Easter or Bayram.

  3. Could it be that there were cancellations because of fog?

    1. Flights on SJJ are never cancelled because of fog in the summer, thanks to the new devices at the airport less than 10 days yearly see flights cancelled for those reasons.


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