Zagreb Airport registers May growth


Zagreb Airport welcomed 311.368 passengers in May, representing an increase of 3.6% on the same month last year. The number of aircraft movements grew 6.5% to 4.283. During the January - May period, Zagreb Airport handled 1.197.487 travellers, an improvement of 5%. The millionth passenger of the year was welcomed on May 12. Aircraft movements stood at 17.286 during the five-month period, up 6.2%. Overall, Zagreb Airport added 57.392 passengers on last year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
FEB181.154 6.2
MAR232.978 4.2
APR280.790 10.6
MAY311.368 3.6


  1. Splits growth was only modest too.

    1. Anonymous14:16

      I hink that's because SPU is at maximum capacity.

    2. SPU has performed modestly due to a lower demand in May. Last year, catholic holidays (Duhovi, Tijelovo) were in May. This year, those are in June. SPU should see a greater growth in June. It's not a capacity issue, given that SPU handles more than double pax in the summer.

    3. Anonymous14:36

      Zadar had nice growth though, adding 50k passengers in the last 2 months.

    4. Anonymous14:47

      How were tourist numbers in May? Was there an increase?

    5. Anonymous15:01

      But shouldn't SPU also depend on more tourists flying in to visit Croatia? I think that should be the main growth and not Duhovi. Is it possible that we are seeing tourists shift to Egypt and Turkey?

    6. Anonymous16:12

      SPU grew by 16,3% in March and April combined vs the same months last year.

      June will grow significantly, making May+June 2019 probably grow around the same as March and April.

      So I would say 16% is really bad.

    7. SPU is about to get big brand new Airport opening this summer. That's why performed the way they performed.Airport area was under a big construction technically there were no space to perform better due to airport construction.

    8. Anonymous17:39

      Unknown but then how come they managed to handle 600.000 in July last year?

    9. You should ask them. DBV has the same issue due to landing track construction, they had to suspend some flights bc they technically could"t receive them.

  2. Anonymous14:16

    Why are there such large fluctuations in monthly growth? Also if aircraft movement was up more than passenger numbers it means some planes weren't as full?

    1. Anonymous15:12

      Easter Holidays and those that are connected to it! As simple as that.

      Easter was in April this year and Ascension of Jesus and Pentecost is 7 weeks later im June.

      Last year it was in March and May.

      So to compare figures you have to look at combined numbers:

      March 2018 + April 2018 versus March 2019 + April 2019


      May 2018 + June 2018 versus May 2019 + June 2019

      Do not wonder if June this year will be much stronger than last year. But considering May is over last May without the many holidays goes to show the direction.

    2. Anonymous21:58

      It's always about Easter or Christmas that determine Zagreb's faith.

  3. Anonymous18:33

    What is going on with the Split terminal ? Any update on the opening day ?

    1. Anonymous08:12

      That project has gone wrong. Opening date has been delayed multiple times. It will not open before end of the year.

    2. And that's why it has gone wrong? How many projects of that size open in time?

    3. Anonymous14:01

      Possibly we should be happy cause they don't know to manage projects to complete on time?

  4. Anonymous08:32

    It';s ok the presidency is coming so all will be well.


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