Belgrade Airport maintains growth


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport saw 34 months of consecutive passengers growth by the end of April with figures improving 4% year-on-year during the January - April period according to Airports Council International. It welcomed 1.502.852 travellers during the four-month period. Preliminary figures for the airport's May and June performance will be published on Friday evening next week. Earlier this year, the Serbian Minister for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, said the airport could handle up to 6.2 million passengers in 2019.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN347.544 4.1
FEB315.717 6.1
MAR372.122 1.6
APR467.469 4.4


  1. Anonymous13:29

    Nice results.

    Finally no more months with less than 300.000 passengers :-)

  2. Anonymous13:33

    6,2 million is not possible but 6 million is realistic

    1. Anonymous14:53

      why is it impossible? Haven't you seen all the new flights we have these days?

    2. Anonymous15:24

      Because BEG can't have 11 % growth yoy especially after having only 4% groeth during first 4 months.

      I am happy also that BEG grows but I also try to be realistic.

    3. Anonymous15:51

      Aha and now tell me how many passengers BEG had last year and then tell me what's the difference with 6 million you are proposing.


    4. Anonymous16:00

      You know that very well.

      The difference between 6.2 and 6.0 million is 200.000

      You are welcome

    5. Anonymous16:11

      You still didn't reply to my other question. Belgrade will be 6.2 so deal with it.

    6. Anonymous16:19

      Where will you be on 31.12.2019 to apologize?

    7. Anonymous16:28

      I'll be here with champagne to cheer Belgrade's success. Especially since this winter will be another record-breaking one with both JU and foreign airlines announcing more and more flights!!!

    8. Anonymous16:30

      Let's see. I doubt you will have courage to admit you were wrong about BEG numbers

    9. Anonymous16:32

      God your negativity is just disgusting. I am sure you were also the one attacking JU in the other thread. Until now we will have in winter:

      1. BCN flights
      2. MAD flights
      3. HEL flights
      4. KRR flights
      5. CAI flights
      6. RJK flights
      7. AF daily
      8. B2 without BUD stop
      9. Much more seats on Aegean

      ...and this is only until now. Imagine what others things will be until winter comes!

    10. Anonymous16:34

      FZ is also going daily again

    11. Anonymous16:34

      Oh I also noticed that JU is increasing OTP from 6 to 7 this winter!

    12. Anonymous16:35

      I totally forgot about FZ! Thanks Anon 16.34!

    13. Anonymous16:36

      easyJet is increasing GVA from 3 to 4 as well.

    14. Anonymous16:41

      6.200.000 - 5.640.000 = 560.000

      Way too many even with all the increases.

      Let's see.

    15. Anonymous16:48

      Charters are key here so letsl see how much they contribute.

    16. Anonymous17:14

      Numbers will defintiely skyrocket after June 1st but I do not know if it will be enough to have 10% yoy growth to achieve 6.2 mil. I am pretty certain 6 million mark will be crossed but let`s hope for the best.

      A lot of it depends on JU`s winter schedule.

    17. Anonymous19:05

      That is what I was saying whole day but boy doesn't see it

    18. Anonymous19:25

      Sure you are, you constantly hope Serbia doesn't thrive.

    19. Anonymous19:34


    20. Anonymous22:25

      If BEG had more than 600.000 in June then it means it's coming really close to Sofia whose numbers are quite bad this year. Their growth so far is just 2.5%.

    21. Anonymous00:02

      Yes, but SOF will gain from new EW flights to DUS and STR, autumn Lauda flights to VIE ,FR flights to BVA, MRS, EMA, more flights to BRS, FZ going daily, OS sending larger planes because of Lauda, LO going 2 daily in winter and so on.
      Besides, by the end of the month the concessionaire will be known. ADP might not win, even if they bidded highest price....
      SOF is also quite busy in winter because of Bansko and Pamporovo ski tourists..

    22. Anonymous07:25

      Maybe it will be so, maybe it won't. We also read the same kind of comment for summer season and spring and then in April their passenger numbers fell. I think it's time to face it that capacity is being added much more than there is demand.
      Also, OS is struggling in Sofia, this summer they even started sending Q400 while a lot of MUC flights are operated by Dolomiti's Embraer.

      January: 5.5%
      February: 5.2%
      March: 2.9%
      April: -1.4%
      May: 2.6%
      June: 0.9%

  3. Voja13:41

    I'm really surprised with the growth in April. Last year in the same month we had Euroleague F4 and a lot of charters in those four days so these 4.4% are really good result.

  4. Anonymous14:59

    What happened in February? Where did the growth come from?

  5. Anonymous15:50

    We are 5 days in July and we're discussing about results from Apr?!?! Wtf

    1. Anonymous16:03

      Why don't you read the article?

  6. Anonymous17:12

    Lack of ambition .
    Why not ten percent growth ?!
    Belgrades goal should be ten million pax per year .

    1. Anonymous20:20

      In June LYBE saw passenger volume growth between 11 and 12%.

    2. Anonymous20:30

      That would be like 55.000 extra passengers, right?

    3. Anonymous20:40

      They recorded slightly more than 600K.

    4. Anonymous20:53

      It's better to look into real number growth, instead of percentage. If your base is really high, increase in terms of percentages is much smaller.

    5. Anonymous21:08

      BEG had 539169 during June 2018. If true, growth between 11 and 12% would result in 600k or more.

    6. Anonymous21:25

      That would be a fantastic result, Belgrade is finally getting the attention it rightfully deserves. Congratulations.

  7. Anonymous18:44

    Let's not forget that TSR and OSI failing as businesses is also helping BEG grow. I wonder how many Romanians there are on those MAD, BCN, VCE... flights.

  8. Anonymous22:13

    I think LH does really well in BEG, today they sent A321, A321, A321, A320 and A319! Both MUC and FRA that spend the night in BEG are A321. Pretty impressive.

    1. Anonymous12:25

      Kad ce ako ne u julu i avgustu?

    2. Anonymous12:36

      Па не знам, то није био случај прошле године када је Минхен тек прелазио са Е95 на А319 и када је А320 био чиста егзотика.


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