Belgrade Airport sees strong Q2


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled 1.577.000 passengers during the second quarter, representing an increase of 7.4% on the same period last year. During the first half of the year, the airport welcomed 2.611.000 travellers through its doors, up 5.9%. More detailed results are expected in the coming days. In a statement, operator VINCI said, “In Serbia, work done by VINCI Airports with airlines since its arrival at the end of 2018 led to the return of Air France, which reopened its Paris – Belgrade service after a six-year absence. In addition, Wizz Air opened a new link between the Serbian capital and Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, which is also operated by VINCI Airports”.


  1. Anonymous14:53

    On track for 6 million I'd say but not sure about 6,2 million - really hope it gets there though! Great stuff BEG!

    1. Anonymous15:12

      I agree, it's an excellent result. For 6.2 million to be reached, overall growth must be above 10% at the end of the year. That means it should be at around 13-14% in the second half of the year what is unlikely to happen.

    2. Anonymous15:27

      Totally, however if Q3 is massive (as it looks like it will be with the new Air Serbia routes, increased frequencies by foreign airlines and also a big bump in charter traffic) it could make up for slightly smaller Q1 and Q2 growth in a big way! Also winter will be a big opportunity to make up numbers, excited to see what happens really!

  2. Anonymous15:12

    What about ASL? I thought Vinci brought them as well?

    1. Anonymous15:18

      That's true! Although their numbers will realistically only be felt from Q3 onwards. Same with the new Lyon route and Air Serbia expansion.

    2. Anonymous15:52

      How ASL performs in BEG so far?

    3. Anonymous17:15

      In the first half of 2019 pax -1%.

    4. Anonymous19:08

      I think he meant ASL Airways that operates CDG-BEG.

  3. Anonymous15:23

    This result is beyond fantastic. Can't wait to see June growth which was probably close to 10%. I think winter will be string again as things aea looking up for BEG.

  4. Anonymous17:21

    Fantastic result for BEG, I am sure more great results will come in the months ahead of us. I made a short list of all neighboring airports in the first six months, just for fun to make a comparison.

    1. BUD - 7.377.096
    2. SOF - 3.462.961
    3. SKG - 3.046.758
    4. BEG - 2.611.000
    5. ZAG - 1.534.105
    6. SPU - 1.102.118
    7. TIA - 1,100,491 (Jan-May)
    8. DBV - 1.059.684
    9. PRN - 1.058.981
    10. LJU - 859.557

    Please let me know if I forgot someone, it was not my intention.

    1. Anonymous17:25

      LJU, SKG are not heighbours. If you count exyu+balkans, you forgot ATH, OTP, IST.

    2. Anonymous17:29

      This is wider ex-YU region so ATH and IST are not in the area. LJU and SKG are because one is in ex-YU while the other is just next to North Macedonia. OTP I looked at but they didn't publish any numbers after March. :/

    3. Anonymous17:31

      Will be interesting to see the SOF/SKG/BEG progress in the coming years and whether they keep growing evenly.

    4. Anonymous17:34

      SKG started the year really well and so did SOF but both slowed down big time later on. Will be interesting to see how they both perform especially in winter. The weakest there is SKG since BEG has JU that's growing while SOF has ski charters. It's a really interesting race to follow. BUD though is in a different league though. Maybe OTP can keep on getting closer to them?

    5. Anonymous17:35

      @Anon at 17:29

      You said neighboring airports first, now this strange criteria who is in and who is not. Anyway, whatever rocks your boat, man. Scope of this site continues to be exyu.

    6. Anonymous17:36

      Interesting results...curious to see that BEG is catching up with SKG already while TIA is slowly reaching ZAG levels. TIA is currently booming as the city has become much nicer and many positive reviews of the country. Tourism is booming.
      SOF traffic will be a mix of ups and downs until October end. November will be a strong month with the introduction of new various FR routes: MRS, BVA, EMA Lauda to VIE. W6 will also resume last year's "seasonal" routes and will now be year round: LIS, NUE, NAP.
      BUD will most likely reach WAW soon. The airport management has been doing a great job with enhancing network and new routes all the time. Kudos!

    7. Anonymous17:37

      Ok since the scope of this site continues to be ex-YU then this is wider ex-YU area. :) Lighten up. As we've seen this blog is visited by many many people from outside ex-YU so I included some of their numbers especially for our friends from Albania and Bulgaria. :)

      Talking of Albania, any idea how TIA is performing?

    8. Anonymous17:38

      BUD cargo numbers are collapsing though! I wonder why.

    9. Anonymous17:50

      I think TIA will easily reach 3.4 million this year.

      In their official website, they just have news about new routes being launched:

      TIA will soon become one of the busiest airports in the Balkans without much noice and fuss. What a surprise!

    10. Anonymous08:01

      This list is best proof why ZAG needs LCCs.

    11. Anonymous09:58

      TIA is just behind ZAG with 1,510,646 passengers!!!

    12. Anonymous10:21

      Impressive growth especially since Tirana is smaller and poorer than ZAG with literally no serious tourist numbers.

    13. Anonymous12:00

      LCCs are doing extremely well in TIA. Also tourism to the Albanian coast is booming and TIA is the point of entry.

    14. Anonymous13:47

      TIA is doing well solely because of Albanian gastarbeiter traffic.
      Also the tourism "boom" is also by Albanian diaspora holidaying there.

    15. Anonymous14:14

      Lol... no. More and more tourists are discovering their coastline which is the most beautiful in the Ionian and Adriatic seas.

    16. Anon forgot SKP something 930.000 (only SKP!), above LJU! Regards,

  5. Anonymous17:32

    Shoutout to AF and W6 but not JU? Interesting.

    BEG Q1+Q2 2019 added more passengers than any other airport in EX-YU except one that has AA service. Very interesting.

    1. Anonymous17:35

      Maybe because JU expansion started just before the end of Q2?

      Btw yesterday was QR's first extra flights to BEG. Hope they do really, really well as well.

    2. Anonymous17:39

      ??? Air Serbia started expansion in early June. In my Calendar June is Q2. Siri, is French Calendar different than Calendar for the rest of the world?

    3. Anonymous17:41

      So these 3 x additional QR flights weren't there last summer?

    4. Anonymous17:41

      Hahaha @ Siri

      But they started from 15.06, no?

    5. Anonymous17:42

      Because Vinci had nothing to do with that expansion. It would have happened with or without Vinci at the airport. They just listed the airlines they were responsible with bringing. Same way they didn't list ASL Airlines. Give it a rest.

    6. Anonymous17:42

      Anon 17.41

      They were supposed to be introduced but they didn't in the end.

      Anon 17.39

      They also forgot LH's third daily from MUC and that flight alone carried more passengers than AF did.

    7. Anonymous17:43

      Anon 17.42

      Why are you so aggressive, no need for such negativity.

    8. Anonymous17:44

      They listed new routes they were responsible with bringing. Lufthansa announced new frequencies even before Vinci took over.

    9. Anonymous17:45

      Because you already hatched a conspiracy. They are not taking credit for things they didn't do. I know, new concept in Serbia.

    10. Anonymous17:47

      Thanks Anon 17.42! Wow, so if QR extra flights didn't actually run last summer, that's 3 x extra QR flights per week (on A320 at minimum I'm guessing) as well. I'm starting to think Q3 will be well above 10% growth the way it's going.

    11. Anonymous17:47

      It's not a conspiracy, it was a misunderstanding. Be nicer, no one is attacking you. We are just discussing, lighten up buddy.

    12. Anonymous17:49

      You missed this news

    13. Anonymous18:01

      Hope they keep them in winter time as well!

    14. Anonymous19:33

      @Anonymous at 17:35
      The first QR extra flight was on 09.07 (tuesday), the yesterday flight was the second one. Morning flight is on A321, the evening-night on A320.

    15. Anonymous08:02

      Thank you for the clarification!

  6. Anonymous17:43

    6 % growth is not much spectacular .
    Unless Belgrade sees LCCs flooding tem with massive frequencies it will never catch up with competitors .

    1. Anonymous17:46

      Imagine if it was 5.5% or 5% or 4% or 3%... it can always be worse than it is )))

    2. Anonymous18:00

      I was expecting a double digit growth after all those new JU routes, frequencies, etc.
      Now with the launch of the new INI base this week and the opening of Morava, this belgreade growth remains questionable.....

    3. Anonymous18:12

      JU routes launched in June. While June had double digit growth it can't lift the entire 6 months to double digit growth. But don't you worry. Q3 will

    4. Anonymous18:18

      I can't wait for Q3 to be published, I hope we finally get some months close to 800.000 passengers!

    5. Anonymous18:29

      ^Thats it !
      Vincis goal has to be that Belgrade surpasses Splits numbers in the summer months -
      i think Split in juli or august still has the most pax in the whole former Yugoslavia .

    6. Anonymous19:30

      @Anon at 17:43 " will never catch up with competitors"

      BEG is and has been for quite some time moving ahead of regional (exyu) competitors in terms of passenger numbers. Perhaps it's competitors that need to catch up?

    7. Anonymous19:34

      What matters is that Belgrade keeps on growing and this year they will reduce the difference with Sofia.


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