Belgrade Airport starts modernisation project

Belgrade is expected to handle over six million passengers this year as operator VINCI marks the formal start of Nikola Tesla Airport’s multi million euro expansions. During the first five months of the year, it welcomed 2.010.515 travellers through its doors, increasing to 2.611.000 by the end of June. The figure represents growth of 5.9%. Commenting on the results, the French operator said, “In Serbia, work done by VINCI Airports with airlines since its arrival at the end of 2018 led to the return of Air France, which reopened its Paris - Belgrade service after a six-year absence. In addition, Wizz Air opened a new link between the Serbian capital and Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, which is also operated by VINCI Airports. These two route openings helped boost the number of international visitors to Serbia.”.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN347.544 4.1
FEB315.717 6.1
MAR372.122 1.6
APR467.469 4.4
MAY507.663 5.9

This year, capacity at Belgrade Airport is up by an average of 32.3% per carrier compared with 2018. Aeroflot and easyJet have increased the number of departing seats by 33.2% and 70.9% respectively. On the other hand, despite introducing nine new routes from its main base, Air Serbia has increased its capacity this year by just 4%, while overall five-year average annual capacity growth is relatively flat at 0.9%. Aeroflot, easyJet, Lufthansa, Swiss, Qatar Airways and Wizz Air have all seen their average growth figures at the airport exceed 5% over the past five years. Belgrade’s current busiest route is to Zurich with just under 250.000 overall seats and 45 weekly flights, while Tivat sees the most weekly frequencies at 53.

Plaque marking the start of Belgrade Airport's expansion and modernisation

On Monday, French President, Emmanuel Macron, his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vučić, as well as the Chairman and CEO of the VINCI Group, Xavier Huillard, and the CEO of VINCI Concessions and President of VINCI Airports, Nicolas Notebaert, met in Belgrade where they formally marked the start of the airport’s expansion and modernisation. A new Joint Venture company has been formed between Vinci Construction Grands Projects and Greece’s GEK Terna Group, which will run the project. It includes the expansion of the airport's facilities by 42.000 square metres, while the existing terminals will be refurbished. Furthermore, a new 3.500 metre runway will be built, while the existing 3.400 metre runway will be upgraded. A total of nine new taxiways will be developed, the existing apron will be expanded, and a new 55.000 square metre apron will be built. The deicing platform will be expanded by another 6.200 square metres. Landisde, a new car park, with a capacity for 2.400 vehicles, will be built and new curbside/sidewalk infrastructure and facilities for departures/arrivals handling will be developed. Other projects include road work around the airport, encompassing some 3.500 metres, a new rainwater drainage system, marking and static signage, lighting and CCTV camera systems. Furthermore, construction of auxiliary building facilities and other infrastructure works such as waste water and solid waste treatment plants, a heating plant, a meteorological station and a solar panel plant, amongst others, will be built. The entire project must be completed within five years. In a statement Serbia's Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić, said, "The strategic partnership of the government of Serbia with VINCI, as well as the partnerships with Etihad and the MTU Company are crucial for the future development of aviation in Serbia".


  1. Anonymous09:11

    I think from foreign carriers LH seems to be recording biggest growth. The other day they sent four A321 and one A320. Last yrara this wasntw the case.

    Overall great things seem to be coming to BEG. This is perfect opportunity to cement its position as a regional leader especially with TSR and OSI failing and TZL stagnating.

  2. Anonymous09:12

    It seems like BEG just keeps on winning. The summer numbers are clearly going to be exceptional. Speaking of route increases and additions, has anyone else noticed on the BEG airport website's seasonal timetable, there's all of a sudden a daily BEG-BUD scheduled daily by LOT from 2nd September onwards? At 5.10 am too, which ties in with the story of LOT targeting transfer pax from BEG via its new hub- yet no formal announcement from LOT about this?

    Interesting developments at BEG that's for sure.

    1. Anonymous09:18

      I didn't know BEG had a seasonal timetable. lol

      Personally I would have preferred a 05.10 departure to WAW rather than BUD.

    2. Anonymous09:26

      Yeah I didn't either, I kinda noticed it by chance. I just thought it was weird that they published that on the website without any firm announcement other than that statement of intention by LOT back in April.

    3. Anonymous09:29

      My guess is that LO applied for the permit so now they are just waiting for the approval and official confirmation.

      Arrival: 23.35
      Departure: 05.10

    4. Anonymous09:31

      LO doesn't need a permit to fly from EU to Serbia they just need to negotiate the terms with the airports in this case BEG and BUD.

    5. Anonymous09:33

      They still need to inform the Directorate on its intention to fly and to secure all the necessary paperwork. They might not need the approval to launch flights but there is still bureaucracy.

      Interesting that they are going for BEG in ex-YU from BUD. So this winter LO will have 17 weekly to BEG. That's almost as many frequencies as Wizz Air will have- if not more since their BEG planes are not fully utilized in winter.

    6. Anonymous09:55

      Where will they fit? LO I mean. Next summer they might struggle to find available gates. Unlike last year charters operate in the middle of the night (last year 05 to 06).

      Look at this morning:

      A1 06.40 CDG JU A320
      A2 06.35 SVO JU A319
      A3 07.20 ZRH JU A320
      A4 06.35 ARN JU A319

      A5 06.10 FRA LH A320
      A5 07.35 LJU JU ATR

      A6 06.30 MUC LH A319
      A7 06.30 HRG SM A320
      A8 06.10 DTM W6 A320
      A9 06.10 MLA W6 A320
      A10 06.50 TIV YM E95

      A4a 06.35 DUS JU CRJ
      A4b 06.55 VIE JU ATR

      C1 06.55 TGD JU B733
      C2 06.45 BRU JU A319
      C3+C4 07.50 JFK JU A332
      C5 06.45 TIV JU A319

      C6 06.40 AMS JU A319
      C6 07.10 MXP JU A319 (delayed CAI, departed after 08.00)

      C7 06.50 PRG JU ATR

      BEG urgently needs to expand especially since next summer there will be more flights added especially charters

    7. Anonymous09:57

      Wizz Air has 30 weekly flights (+3 Wizz UK) this winter season....

    8. Anonymous10:01

      17 weekly! That really is a remarkable expansion by LO in Belgrade in such a short time. And I do believe BEG-BUD on a daily basis will work this time. O&D passengers on its own was never going to be a winner but mixed with transfer passengers given the favourable early morning slot, this will be a success.

    9. Anonymous10:11

      Anon 09.57 I was referring to BEG where they don't have 30 weekly flights in winter time.

    10. Anonymous10:14

      Both WAW and BUD were great opportunities for JU to grow. The demand was clearly there.
      But we abandoned it to LOT...

    11. Anonymous10:27

      In April 2019, admin covered the subject already.

      I think LOT will also add SOF to BUD too. They returned to VAR this summer but only seasonally.

  3. looks good, now let's se if they manage to sell JAT Tehnika

  4. Anonymous09:32

    Btw, nobody is mentioning anymore new control tower at the Belgrade Airport. SMATSA, what's going on?

    1. There was a tender I think, but no aftermath.

  5. Anonymous09:33

    Can all Serbian airports combined reach 7 million passnegers this year?

    1. Anonymous09:36

      Those that are under control of Belgrade can't but they for sure will next year. This year BEG will be at around 6 million, INI around 450.000 and KVO 20.000.

      Next year BEG will be at 6.5 million, INI 550.000 and KVO who knows. I think BEG can have a phenomenal year with charters in 2020 as it gets even more passengers from its catchment area.

    2. Anonymous09:39

      Very small chances for that. I'm pretty sure 7 million won't be reached this year.

    3. Anonymous10:29

      Definitely not this year. Hopefully next year the foreign airlines will not decrease capacity because of the low loadfactors they currently experience and so we can approach 6.4 or even 6.5 million in BEG.

    4. Anonymous11:05

      Hahaha based on what are they experiencing bad loadfactor? Do you have a source for that?

      Btw AF has exclusively scheduled the A320 for the winter season. I guess they are sending a bigger plane just because they can, right?

    5. Anonymous11:59

      Anonymous at 11:05 try to read the article. 32.3% capacity increase resulted to just 5.9%
      Blame the numbers, not me.

    6. Anonymous12:25

      32.3% is only for the foreign carriers excluding JU and W6. So those numbers represent about 35% of total traffic at BEG.

    7. Anonymous13:24

      Agree with anon@12:25 not only that increase is related to 35% of all traffic but also majority of those increases happened in June. Real effect going to be seen in Q3.

    8. Anonymous13:30

      Could we see 10% increase in Q3? How many passengers did BEG have last Q3?

    9. Anonymous18:32

      Last Q3 they had 1,937,524 passengers.

  6. JU520 BEGLAX09:37

    Good to see that BEG develops well, which also means living standard in Belgrade improves. Vinci is doing a nice job, keeping its promises and investing into development and facility upgrades.

    OT: new terminal in SPU closed on Monday again. Some check in was done outside open air in teints

    1. Anonymous09:41

      Next year is realistic especially as flights and seats keep on being added. It's great to see AF back as they improved connectivity in CDG.

    2. Anonymous09:41

      Sorry, my comment was supposed to be posted above. Oops.

  7. btw does anybody have flight loads for LHR after expanding the route?

    1. Anonymous10:01

      May 2019: 8.315 -3%

    2. Anonymous10:16

      That is awful.

    3. Anonymous10:19

      Yes, sadly. April was even worst, -10% if i remember correctly. Wizz Air was +52% though.

    4. That shows that the London-Belgrade market can absorb more LCC seats but the extra JU flight is completely unnecessary. We are supporting a loss making flight so that EY can keep an LHR slot that they can no longer use themselves profitable....

    5. Anonymous10:30

      Yes Anonymous posting statistics on a forum is extremely credible. But hey, when it comes to trashing JU or Serbia anything goes.

    6. Anonymous10:32

      With JU stats for LHR like that and with W6 expanding I just do not see BA returning to BEG...

    7. Anonymous10:35

      Belgrade-London was never a popular route. It is also one of the most expensive ones in the region. This however, might change a lot if FR decide to launch STN-BEG.

    8. Anonymous10:44

      We need BA's connection to the world from LHR much more that a STN-BEG flight.

      Just my2cents

    9. Anonymous15:17

      @Happy taxpayer ...We are supporting a loss making flight

      Any proof for this? If not, then just another fake news from fake taxpayer.

    10. Anonymous16:11

      What is detrimental to BEG-LON route is the fact Serbian passport holders need a visa to transfer through it. And the need for a visa to enter Britain which is quite hard to get. If once we see a visa free entry into UK for Serbian citizens, the demand would skyrocket.

    11. Anonymous17:52

      With Brexit not going to happen ...

    12. Anonymous19:24

      You mean:

      With Brexit, not going to happen ...

    13. Anonymous07:46

      Brexit has very little to do with Serbia since our relations are set up independently. Things will remain as they are.

  8. Vaskrsenje aerodroma Beograd je pocelo. Prvi put u istorimi Beograd dobija Hab. Od 95 sletanja na ovaj aerodrom, osamdeset i drugi interkontinentalni mi pocinje u septembru. Radujem se masinama , inzinjeringu koji ce mo gledati oko terminala i sirom aerodroma.
    Divno je voleti i radovati se! Srbijo. Srecan ti razvoj aerodroma...
    Na mojoj agendi, sledeci je Western Sydney Airport. 😀

  9. Petar10:19

    If this year, capacity at Belgrade Airport is up by an average of 32.3% per carrier compared with 2018 how come we only have a 5.9% traffic increase?
    Is something wrong in the article or the increased seat capacity only lead to a small increase in passenger numbers?

    1. Anonymous10:29

      I think the article wasn't clear, that's 32.3% for foreign carriers. JU was around 4% and Wizz was probably similar to JU. So two biggest carriers at BEG barely grew.

    2. Petar10:33

      Thank you Anon 10:29

    3. Anonymous10:40

      So far this year ASL lost again a lot of market share in BEG. Hopefully they will be able to make up some of that by charters and the INI expansion.

    4. Anonymous10:48

      They for sure won't increase market share in BEG with INI expansion :-)

    5. Anonymous10:59

      Why wouldn't they increase it? After all the improved their fleet utilization with night flights to KRR and CAI. Added a lot more charter flights and added new year-round destinations like KBP, HEL...

    6. Anonymous11:49

      They wouldn't increase their market share in BEG because foreign airlines are increasing capacity by far, far larger percentages. This year alone by 32%. JU just to keep its 2018 share would need more planes and more routes.

    7. Anonymous11:53

      The government needs to act fast, get another 5 Atrs, 3 A319 and 1 A332 for JU to expand.

    8. Anonymous12:32

      I keep saying that JU needs more longhaul aircraft to launch flights to ORD, YYZ, YUL, PEK, DEL. That way it will both increase its market share in BEG and at the same time enhance its profitability!

    9. Anonymous18:29

      Would it really enhance profitability?

    10. Anonymous20:39

      It would in the long run.

  10. Anonymous11:23

    In Belgrade Wizz does not have any competition by other LCCs so they have no reason for being creative or competitive.
    They even have in many cases same prices as Air Serbia - to Paris for example.

    Competition by another LCCs like Easy and Ryan would force them to do finally something !

    1. Anonymous11:42

      W6 prices to London are similar to JU.

    2. In the peak times yes. Booking in advance and off peak gives u opportunity to buy a ticket for 15 quid lTN-BEG as I did for September...
      BA wont be back for a while, unfortunately, so Ryan would be a great addition.
      The second half of the year will be crazy at BEG so I really hope they upgrade the terminal soon.

    3. Anonymous12:50

      easyJet flies to Belgrade. You might have noticed if you read the article that they have increased their capacity by 70% this year.

    4. Anonymous12:55

      Would like to see Easyjet flying Amsterdam-Belgrade.

    5. Anonymous13:16

      Not to forget Paris ORY

    6. Anonymous13:38

      Competition on BEG-AMS route is already strong with AirSerbia and Transavia flying there. Also, that route is significantly affected by seasonality so don't believe they have any plans to start flying this route.

    7. Anonymous13:45

      Transavia is increasing BEG this winter from 3 to 5.

    8. Anonymous14:17

      Transavia had 5 per week also last winter season. When they started flying the route they first had 3 weekly during whole year. Next year they increased to 6 weekly except during July and August when they still had only 3 weekly flights. This was anomaly because usually airlines have more flight in summer season but they had shortage of planes so their schedule was little strange in that way. Then they change it again on the beginning of last winter season and now they have 5 weekly during whole year.

    9. Anonymous16:54

      AMS-BEG should be at least 3x daily.
      Easyjet could begin with 3x a week

    10. Anonymous16:59

      BEG AMS is 15 in summer and it won't change until 2020 when more slots become available. I guess thats when Transavia will go daily.

    11. Anonymous18:28

      I would love to see Laudamotion launch VIE-BEG and end the duopoly and high prices offered by Austrian and Air Serbia.

  11. Anonymous12:53

    I believe it is the first time BEG had over 500,000 passengers in May no?

  12. Anonymous12:55

    It seems construction will start soon. On the land they were clearing for months next to T2 in front of the apron they set up a makeshift building which I believe will be for construction workers.

    1. Anonymous15:34

      Good to see things moving,

    2. Anonymous15:44

      Any photos of this building or construction site? What will they be making, car parking or extended apron?

    3. Anonymous18:28

      I don't have a photo but I went to the airport the other day and saw it.

  13. Anonymous13:07

    Belgrades airport is too much lagging behind other airports in Eastern Europe and i can not see how Vinci is doing anything to change that.

  14. Anonymous13:31

    Not a single person from ex-YU to congratulate BEG. Especially none of the usual visitors and commentators.

    1. Anonymous15:14

      Gratulation to the expected beginning of the work.

    2. Anonymous16:32

      Gratulation to All Talk But No Action !

    3. Anonymous19:24

      I would day the airport has seen plenty of action.

  15. Anonymous14:11

    BEG saw 11.5% pax traffic growth in June and is experiencing 10% growth in July.

    1. Anonymous14:26

      Impressive so we are already past 3 million?

  16. Anonymous15:35

    I believe in July the airport will be having close to 700,000 passengers.

    1. Anonymous15:42

      it already had 670k last july. with expected 10% growth july 2019 might get to 736k.

  17. Anonymous16:06

    Can we hope for expansions soon? I hope next year Etihad starts using widebodies on BEG route. And a new route to China from Chinese carrier + seasonal Canada.

    There is a need for a bigger check in area on the Terminal 2. And more desks. A passport and immigration area adjacent to C concourse would also be nice. Terminal 1 shall be fully renovated. A hotel outside the terminal building + a small capsule hotel on the airside.

    1. Anonymous16:16

      EY took forever to add a second daily so I don't see a widebody anytime soon. I think there is more chance of QR flying 10 weekly. I mean FZ will have as many flights as EY this winter.

    2. Anonymous16:38

      Just looked at daily capacity between BEG and ME3 hubs (DXB, DOH, AUH) the other day and was surprised: Etihad with two A320, Qatar with A320 and A321 and FlyDubai with 738. Lots of seats and nice connectivity with 5 flights split over 3 hubs. This could be replaced by about two widebodies but some flexibility will be lost.

    3. Anonymous16:45

      Prices are very high on most these flights, so I assume load factors are close to full all the time. So widebody is a next logical thing even without frequency cuts. Difference between A321 and A332 or B788 is mere 50 seats. BUT what attracts wide bodies is BUSINESS CLASS sales. To make good salesf that it is neededto have a better economic outlook and better facilities on our airport which would attract reconnecting business class passengers. Its much more than having good lounges. We do not evne have a hotel of any kind on the airport compound...

  18. Anonymous16:36

    I expected more from Vinci

  19. Anonymous16:38

    Why has Israir stopped flying to Belgrade ?

    1. Anonymous17:01

      They have a serious shortage of planes so Trade Air took over.

  20. Anonymous17:11

    No mention of rail being built to the terminal?

    1. Anonymous17:26

      That is city government's responsibility, not VINCI's.

  21. Anonymous17:27

    There is still a lot of room to grow for Belgrade.
    And because AS cant do it all by itself LCC Airlines will have to be main drivers for any future growth.
    As example BEG-MAD : 2-3x a week .
    SOF-MAD : 11x a week.
    BEG-BCN : 5-6x a week.
    SOF-BCN : 10x a week.
    ZAG-MAD : 14x a week.

    1. Anonymous17:43

      You forgot Belgrade to Lisbon, Majorca and also Ukraine. That said, I just read Munich aiport won the Sofia concession. I am really surprised.

    2. Anonymous17:43

      Какве будалаштине. Београд - Тиват 47 пута недељно, а колико из Софије? Нула. Доста бре више глупих провокација.

    3. Anonymous17:47

      This should be Vincis goals for BEG - increase frequencies to at least :

      5x daily to Paris
      4x daily to London
      3x daily to Amsterdam
      3x daily to Tel Aviv
      2x daily to Madrid
      2x daily to Barcelona
      2x daily to Milano
      2x daily to Doha
      2x daily to Skoplje
      2x daily to Tirana
      Daily to Hamburg
      Saint Petersburg

    4. Anonymous17:53

      because AS cant do it all by itself LCC Airlines will have to be main drivers
      BEG-BCN : 5-6x a week

      Која болештина. Вуелинг је као ЛЦЦ имао монопол пар година на тој линији па није успео да поправи термине и направи раст. Дошла Ер Србија и разбија на тој линију, прво повећали фреквенцију па онда почели да шаљу већи авион. Дакле све потпуно супротно од болесног предлога.

    5. Anonymous18:05

      Not only did JU increase BCN but MAD today is operated on A320.

    6. Anonymous19:38

      болештина, болесног предлога ... je si ti normalan?

      I šta ti znači ЛЦЦ? To pametnjakoviću se nemože pisati ćirilicom.

    7. Anonymous20:09

      nemože LOL

    8. Anonymous22:10

      Haha illiteracy ftw

    9. Anonymous07:47

      Ја нисам онај који је написао ЛЦЦ али не видим зашто се ,неможе' писати ћирилицом? Ако пишем на српској латиници и напишем LCC то је подједнако бесмислено јер је то опет на енглеском. Ако желимо бити тачни онда се не треба писати и ЛЦЦ ни LCC већ нискобуџетне.

    10. Anonymous10:59

      Tako je, bravo.

  22. Anonymous18:23

    So cant hat 6.2 million target still be reached?

    1. Anonymous18:25

      That was supposed to say **can that. Typing too quickly on mobile :/

  23. Anonymous18:24

    Congratulations to Belgrade. Solid growth supported by a solid mix of low cost and legacy carriers.

  24. Anonymous18:42

    Nice. I hope we some some more new airlines add flights.

  25. I hope they renovate the outside area on the arrivals level. It is horrid. You exit into some wretched uneven and upward pathway to the parking lot. That whole area needs to be renovated right away. Leaves a dreadful first impression.

    1. Anonymous20:18

      Agreed. Marie-Antoinette would have suggested "Let them use the VIP terminal".

    2. hahaaha ... Very well said.

    3. Thats the next big thing at BEG and INI, to have terminal interiors renovated.
      BEG deserves a new terminal too.
      The new symbol of the city. Whats the plans regarding that?

    4. Have have not seen any plans put out by Vinci. INI does need renovation. BEG terminal 1 was recently renovated. Terminal 2 is not that bad for now.

    5. Anonymous22:57

      But you don't need to go out that way, you can use escalator to go to departure level...

    6. I understand that but that is still no excuse for the dreadful look of the outside arrivals area. It really needs to be cleaned up and renovated soon.

  26. Qantas 74423:59

    Bravo za BEG :)

    Postoje mnoga suskanja i nagovestaji brojnih avio-kompanija oko letnjeg reda letenja 2020. i ko ce zapravo vrsiti nove operacije.

    Lista potencijalnih avio-kompanija izgleda ovako:

    1. Indigo - DEL - IST - BEG - IST - DEL - A320LR/A332
    2. Air China - PVG - BEG - PVG - EQV/A332/788
    3. Emirates - DXB - BEG - BEG - 773
    4. Etihad - AUH - BEG - AUH - A332
    5. Iran Air - IKA - BEG - IKA - EQV/A332/A320/A310/AB6
    6. TAP - LIS - BEG - LIS - A319/A320
    7. Egypt Air - CAI - BEG - CAI - E175/738

    Ostaje nam samo da vidimo da li ce snovi postati stvarnost!

    Pozdrav svima :)

    1. Anonymous00:34

      What about YYZ & ORD?

    2. Anonymous08:02

      I don't think EY will be sending A332 anytime soon, I think A321 plus A320 is more likely next summer. They are very slow to react to market changes.

      I see EK as a bigger possibility but I don't know where they would fit them at BEG since it would be there at the same time as JU's JFK. JFK departs at 13.15 while FZ leaves at 14.00.

      From all those I think TP is the most likely candidate.

    3. Anonymous18:43

      EK is not likely because there is an agreement between EK and EY not to have a mutual presence at any airports with less than 10 million pax (exc. maybe some in their close neighborhood). So we will wait.

  27. Anonymous08:22

    Really think that TAP will now be coming back to give it another try, given the Vinci connection and the success of recently launched Iberian flights :)


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