British Airways to boost Croatia operations


British Airways will increase its operations to Zagreb and Dubrovnik this coming winter season which begins on October 27. The carrier will add an extra two weekly flights between London Heathrow and the Croatian capital for a total of nine per week for the majority of the winter. However, during certain periods, frequencies will vary between seven and nine weekly. This includes November, January and February. In Dubrovnik, the carrier will operate up to four weekly flights from London Gatwick during certain periods of the season, up by two on last year, while during others there will be three weekly flights. British Airways continues to compete directly against Croatia Airlines on the London Heathrow - Zagreb service.


  1. Anonymous14:25

    Seasonality is horrible here when they can't operate nine weekly even with all the connections they have in Heathrow.

    Love him or hate him but Kucko might have been right to sell the slots.

  2. He was absolutely right. They should have moved completely to Gatwick.

  3. Anonymous09:59

    Kucko Was wrong. He's the man that has destroyed Croatia Airlines.

    1. The man who started destroying Croatia Airlines is Matija Katicic. The man who totally destroyed Croatia is Ivan Misetic. When Kucko came, there was nothing more left to be destroyed. Actually Kucko was the best one till now.

  4. Anonymous10:00

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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