Chinese operator exits Maribor Airport


The Chinese operator of Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport, SHS Aviation, has ended its concession today after announcing in January it was cutting short its fifteen-year agreement, inked in 2017. The Slovenian government has announced that the state-owned DRI consulting and engineering company, which specialises in infrastructure projects, will take over the management of Edvard Rusjan Airport as a stop-gap solution. However, there are fears that ongoing bureaucratic issues could delay the takeover and result in the airport’s closure for at least a week. The European Union invested six million euros into Maribor Airport's terminal building under the condition it remains operational until at least November 2021. If the airport were to close for a prolonged period, Slovenia would be forced to pay back the EU funds. Maribor Airport handled just 2.345 passengers last year. It registered a net loss of 2.2 million euros over the same period.


  1. Anonymous10:17

    Let the saga v.2 begin...

    1. Anonymous07:35

      Not v.2 but v.x, where x>10

  2. Anonymous13:18

    Good riddance

  3. Nema straha. Sad dolaze Islanđani, pa se onda leti u Švedsku, pa dolaze Šveđani. Ako bi još papa došao posla na MBX koliko hoćeš

  4. Anonymous03:41

    The best thing would be to sell it to some german fund ������

  5. Anonymous07:33

    Once closed, according to NOTAM from Juliy 17th, MBX will never reopen again. Where Slovenian bureaucrats take actions there is no hope anymore. Believe me, it's over. RIP MBX


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