Croatia Airlines extends Lufthansa contracts


Croatia Airlines has extended two long-standing contracts with Lufthansa Technik. The agreements cover the Croatian carrier's Airbus A320-family fleet. An existing Total Component Support (TCS) contract was extended by seven years, while the contract covering auxiliary power unit (APU) services was extended by five years. Croatia Airlines will also become a user of Lufthansa Technik's digital platform Aviatar, which will increase reliability and aircraft availability. Davor Bujan, Croatia Airlines' Technical Director, said, "Technical expertise has strongly contributed to Croatia Airlines being recognised as a safe carrier. This cooperation and expansion of the contract is another confirmation of the excellent relations between us and our long-standing partner, which I believe will develop further to the benefit of both parties". The Senior Executive for Corporate Sales in Europe at Lufthansa Technik, Jens Henningsen, noted, "With the extended contracts, Croatia Airlines is once again expressing its long-standing trust in Lufthansa Technik. In 2017 we commemorated 25 years of corporation. We will continue working very closely together as partners to ensure the highest reliability, performance and safety". Lufthansa Technik has been a maintenance partner for Croatia Airlines since 1992, when it started to support Croatia Airlines' Boeing 737 fleet with an integrated Total Technical Support.


  1. Anonymous13:56

    I thought OU had its own maintenance facility, no?

    1. Anonymous15:22

      It has, but software support and aircraft management systems are done with Lufthansa

    2. Anonymous18:02

      What would Croatia Airlines do without Luftenhansi ?

    3. Anonymous09:13

      It is conceivable that they would do all the maintenance on their own.


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