PHOTOS: Air Serbia launches Niš operations

Air Serbia has launched the first five if twelve new routes from its base at Niš Constantine the Great Airport over the past week. These include Nuremberg, Bologna, Tivat, Hanover, Gothenburg and Hahn. This will be followed by services to Budapest, Ljubljana, Friedrichshafen, Rome and Baden Baden and Salzburg next week. According to airport officials, flights to Tivat have so far proved the most popular. The route is being maintained three times per week, while all others are operated twice weekly.







  1. Anonymous13:37

    Nice photos.
    A new era in the South Serbian aviation.
    INI will finally be more accessible for many people and another gateway to Serbia...

  2. Anonymous14:29

    I know it’s early days but how is the LF on the new destinations other than TIV? Surely at least Bologna is doing well!?

    1. Bologna?! Why would Bologna do better than German destinations?

  3. Anonymous14:45

    Anyone knows how is Ljubljana route selling?

    1. Anonymous16:10

      looking at the prices quite well.

  4. Anonymous15:43

    Bravo INI
    Bravo Air Serbia
    Bravo south of Serbia!

  5. Anonymous17:48

    Pictures are wonderful.
    Bologna looks so tasty, it is the Mekka of Italian fine Food !
    And photos are showing it.

    I hope flights are full.
    If not than reschedule or seek alternative destinations.
    All the best for you Air Serbia and Nis airport !

  6. Anonymous18:16

    Interesting, the same stairs used on the back, as the one on the vintage photo of the first flight to Nis (just a new color scheme).

  7. I was on the inaugural INI-GOT flight. Was surprised that there was no mention what so ever that this was their first service. Nothing on ground, no mention in air. Even on arrival in GOT there was nothing done. It is a shame. I also noticed that they have a different menu from INI for the onboard sales. No sandwhiches at all, just snacks are sold.

    1. Anonymous19:36

      They offer just snacks because in order to offer sandwiches they would have to open a catering unit in Nis since these are made by Air Serbia catering. What was the load like?

    2. The load was 54 people. I guess not too bad. We arrived on a remote stand in GOT so could not see how many were on the return flight

    3. Anonymous01:19

      God beware ...
      These flights are practically empty !?

    4. Anonymous07:36

      Imagine in winter.....

    5. Anonymous07:57

      Do you really think that Air Serbia is getting financial help for these flights because they expected the flights will be full?

      Of course not.

      So no surprise at all. This is still good LF. I have heard BUD is disaster.

    6. Anonymous09:14

      No idea what was in the head of those who launched that route.

    7. Anonymous09:34

      It is plainly obvious that these routes were intended for Wizz Air. Alas, in a year or so most of these routes will not exist unless the administration of southern Serbia will continue to pay for them. But let's hope at least some of them survive.

    8. Anonymous09:36

      The administration of Southern Serbia does not pay for them. It's paid from the state budget.

    9. Anonymous10:47

      According to the Amadeus-GDS the first flight Salzburg-Nis on 2nd Aug. seems to be fully booked:
      JU1609 Y0 B0 H0 K0 M0 Q0 L0 SZG INI 1550 1725 E0/319 1:35
      V0 U0 E0 T0 P0 R0 O0 Z0 G0 N0 S0

  8. Anonymous01:30

    They get five million euros subsidies annually which is still too low and can never cover the losses for these nearly empty flights !
    The best for the taxpayers would be if the tender gets annuled.
    Otherwise Air Serbia will end the year with a record loss.

    1. Anonymous01:48

      Lol don't you worry. Take care of your own backyard.

    2. Anonymous01:50

      Flights are far from empty.


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