PHOTOS: British Airways touches down in Ljubljana


British Airways has launched its two weekly seasonal service between London Heathrow and Ljubljana, marking its return to the Slovenian capital following an eighteen year hiatus. The General Manager of Ljubljana Airport, Zmago Skobir, said, "The return of British Airlines is the consequence of long-term efforts of Ljubljana Airport and Slovenian tourism. The connection with London Heathrow Airport is of great added value, as Heathrow is one of the world's most important hubs, connected to destinations across the world. Furthermore, it is going to have a positive influence on the visibility of Slovenia as a tourist destination on the British market and, at the same time, on the inflow of British tourists to Slovenia". Operator Fraport Slovenija added, "British Airways is a central airline of the One World alliance that will return to Ljubljana Airport after eighteen years". British Airways noted, "Ljubljana is very much a hidden gem amongst former Eastern European cities. As a result, tourism in the city is growing rapidly, making it a destination on the radar for many airlines. We’re always developing our leisure offering and are committed to giving our customers even more choice of destinations at competitively low prices". British Airways will compete against two other carriers operating year-long flights from three other London airports to the Slovenian capital.


  1. Anonymous13:49

    Impressive. I am certain LJU will become daily next summer.

    1. Anonymous17:00

      hahahahahahahaha. best laugh i had in a while

    2. Anonymous17:35

      Why are you laughing? Look at the number of flights to London there are already!

    3. lets the fingers cross for 3 to 4 flights per week the whole year through :)

  2. Just love the crew uniform. Especially the young man's hat with the BA logo.

    Some quick stats about the aircraft:

    Reg: G-EUXI
    Delivered: Aug 2005
    Seat config: CY205

    I would say that BA will most likely resume those flights next year as it was initially launched 2 weekly A320 service and later upgraded.

    Who would have thought that there was so much demand for/from London as a destination. Good job, Ljubljana!

    Maybe the guy at the LJU airport reads this and tells us a bit more about the LF?

  3. Anonymous14:04

    "Na prvem letu British Airwaysa so ostali prazni le štirje sedeži."

    1. Anonymous14:22

      Almost as good as Adria's LF before they join the flights.

    2. Anonymous15:12

      BA Airbus First officer Valentino Bartol....landed A321 im Ljubljana
      Ex YU captain E.Bartol's
      Born in Maribor , lived in Belgrade Amsterdam now in London

    3. Anonymous15:40

      I've been on this flight from Ljubljana to London yesterday. I've been positively surprised when I heard a pilot first speaking in English then Slovenian to us :)

    4. Anonymous17:09

      Wow thats cool ! Thats a nice gesture .

    5. wow congrats!

  4. Anonymous15:04

    Was there a water salute for the first flight of BA in recent history ?


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