Pristina Airport runway project advances


Pristina Airport's 33.6 million euro extension and upgrade of its runway, which is scheduled for completion in 2020, is advancing. The runway is being lengthened from the current 2.560 metres to 3.000 metres (approximately 250 metres on each side), while its ILS (instrument landing system) will be upgraded and taxiways extended. Due to the airport’s location and foggy weather in winter, it often experiences visibility issues which results in the diversion of flights. “We need to invest in the ILS and replace some of the equipment with the newest technology. The total investment is estimated to be around thirty million euros, which includes the extension of the runway and taxiways, and the purchase of new equipment”, Pristina Airport's General Manager, Haldun Firat Kokturk, said. The finances for the project are being initially provided by airport operator Limak, however, the government will waive the concession fee for five years, between 2019 and 2023.

Photos courtesy of Isa Kushtrim


  1. Anonymous22:12

    Well done, lots of other ex-yu airports must focus more on improving the ILS category to support low visibility ops (OSI, TGD, SKP, TZL, INI, SJJ etc).


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