Qatar Airways to deploy A330 to Sarajevo


Qatar Airways has scheduled a widebody Airbus A330-200 aircraft on its Sarajevo service during the second half of August. The carrier will deploy the 260-seat jet on all of its Sarajevo flights from August 16 until September 1. Qatar Airways maintains four weekly services between Doha and Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital, with its A320-family fleet. The carrier's A330-200 features 24 business class and 236 economy class seats.

Qatar Airways A330-200 economy class cabin

Qatar Airways A330-200 business class cabin


  1. Anonymous14:10

    Their A330s are utter junk. Just used them. The IFEs are not touch, bad resolution and small. But what is worst is some of them have only 2 lavatories for the entire Economy class.

    1. I hate touch IFE as the person behind you is constantly tapping on the back of your head if they are playing a game. Now small and bad resolution is another story as is such a big plane with so few lavatories. These are not short flights where you can just hold it and who wants to watch a movie where it looks like someone drew the picture in crayon.

  2. Anonymous18:05

    Nice. I'm assuming because of the demand from the Gulf. Impressive when you think how many airlines are flying from the region to SJJ during peak summer.

    1. Anonymous04:08

      Not only Sarajevo.
      The whole former Yugoslavia is flooded with Middle Eastern airlines and tourists .
      Good so !

  3. Anonymous22:00


  4. Anonymous16:49

    Can it even land there?

    1. Anonymous16:51


      TK has also sent its A330 to Sarajevo many times.


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