Record June for Pristina Airport


Pristina Airport has registered its busiest June on record by handling 208.821 passengers. The figure represents an increase of 17.1% compared to the same month last year. In June, Eurowings opened its base in the city, becoming the largest carrier in Pristina, ahead of Orange2Fly, easyJet, Adria Airways and Wizz Air. During the first half of the year, Pristina Airport welcomed 1.058.981 travellers, up 12.3%. It added an extra 115.580 passengers on the same period last year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN168.777 17.1
FEB138.269 11.9
MAR169.108 12.4
APR192.075 8.1
MAY181.931▲ 8.0 
JUN208.821▲ 17.1


  1. In the words of many commentators on this site: Wizz Air, you snooze, you lose.

    Let's see how July figures turn out with a full month of additional EW ops.

    1. Anonymous16:56

      No words good idea.

    2. Anonymous17:37

      Sounds Eurowings won Pristina! even long distance flights in future.

    3. Anonymous09:17

      lol sure

  2. Anonymous08:59

    I can see, in five years, Prishtina Airport hitting 4 million passengers.

  3. Anonymous14:55

    Pristina going forward!!

    Wow on July 14 I saw Edelweiss A340, HB-JME decending landing in Pristina!!

    Well done Pristina keep going forward.

    1. Visit Kosovo16:16

      I thought it useful to share this. For the 3rd time this week that I noticed, Edelweiss sends its A340 to PRN from ZRH.

      Saturday is the busiest day of the week and, unfortunately, I didn't check accurate flight data yesterday, but these are flights between ZRH and PRN today:
      1. 05:45 GM6032 A319
      2. 06:40 EW402 A320
      3. 06:55 EW1406 A320
      4. 07:00 EW1408 A320
      5. 12:30 EW1412 A340
      6. 17:25 EW404 A320
      7. 17:50 EW406 A320
      8. 18:10 GM6042 A319

      Also worth pointing out that the only reason Chair (formerly Germania Flug) operates A319 aircraft on this route is because it has no larger aircraft at its disposal currently.

      Also, tomorrow yet another Edelweiss A340 flight seem to be scheduled, as follows:
      11:20 EW1408 A340-300

      Not sure if it's a scheduled A340 flight regularly or demand-driven ad-hoc flights. If someone had more information on this I'd like to hear it

    2. Anonymous15:58

      You are right that's true, today another A340 has been in Pristina!


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