Turkish to deploy A330 to Ljubljana


Turkish Airlines has scheduled a widebody Airbus A330-200 aircraft on its Ljubljana service  during the last week of the summer season, as well as the second weekend of the 2019/2020 winter season. The carrier will deploy the 250-seat jet on its morning service from Istanbul to the Slovenian capital on October 24 and 25, as well as the evening flight on November 2 and 3, as a one-off. Overall, Turkish Airlines will maintain ten weekly services to Ljubljana during the coming winter season, which begins on October 27, with a mix of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 economy class cabin

Turkish Airlines A330-200 business class cabin


  1. Anonymous10:39

    I would like to see them start a third rotation next summer season.

  2. Anonymous12:16

    On October 24 and 25 (morning flights) will be A330-200 as well.

  3. Anonymous12:32

    Krompirjeve počitnice

  4. Anonymous12:51

    A vi Slovenci nemate nesto kao Direktorat?

    Auu pa kod vas moze da leti ko hoce i sa cim hoce... Da vidite kako kod nas ovde Direktorat radi...Sve samo prsti od zabrana tamo gde smeju da zabrane.

    1. Anonymous13:14

      If you pay fee to local municipalities (Šenčur, Brnik, etc.) than you can, and the same is in your country :)

      Bravo LJU or Bravo Turkish

  5. Anonymous16:31

    Bravo TK, Bravo LJU.

    I don't know if there is any other airline like Turkish that flies widebody aircrafts for 1.5-3 hours inside of Europe. ( I guess not?)

    Widebody aircrafts of TK(especially A330-200 with 3 class conf. 2 seating rows on windows side) are very comfortable to travel.

    That's good news.

    After they receive more of their 787-9 dreamliners, I expect they fly more A330 to Ex-Yu(well not Serbia apparently...)

    1. Anonymous18:23

      Finnair usses a350 on Helsinki to London and Brussels routes.

    2. Anonymous19:04

      BA on LHR-MAD e.g. their new 351 for crew training

    3. Anonymous19:50

      I have flown on LX A340 from ZRH to VIE
      as well as on OS Boeing 777 from DUS to VIE

    4. Anonymous20:41

      And our Serbia still in the Stone Age ...
      Where anything good has to be prohibited.

    5. Anonymous21:33

      Mahan wasn't forbidden neither was Al Masria's 332.

    6. TAP Portugal uses A330 LIS-LHR

  6. Anonymous09:50

    Chill down, it's only 4 flights, not whole season...

    1. Anonymous13:08

      But it is a start....


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