Wizz Air boosts Belgrade, Ljubljana winter capacity


Low cost carrier Wizz Air will increase capacity on its flights from London Luton Airport to Belgrade and Ljubljana this coming winter season, which begins on October 27. The budget airline will utilise its 230-seat Airbus A321 jet on services to the Serbian and Slovenian capitals, instead of the 180-seat A320 used last winter. Services to Ljubljana will initially be maintained three times per week during the 2019/2020 winter season before increasing to four from December, while flights to Belgrade will run three times per week throughout the season.


  1. Anonymous10:57

    Great news for both BEG and LJU. It's interesting how both airports seem to be successful for same airlines. We see Wizz introduces A321 from LTN at the same time, Transavia launched flights at the same time and they are both successful, Air France is expanding this winter at both airports....

    Great job to both of them for pushing for airline diversity at the airports and for encouraging LCCs to expand.

  2. Anonymous10:59

    Demand for Ljubljana-London and viceversa is apparently increasing.
    This now means that both Zagrab and Ljubljana will have 11 weekly flights to London.

    So far, JU has not yet published the new Etihad flights and remains daily, with the with W6 flights, the total will be 10 weekly.

    1. Anonymous11:06

      Etihad flights to LHR from BEG were always on a summer seasonal basis, they are not coming back in winter, they were never supposed to.

    2. Anonymous11:27

      What will Etihad to with London slots in winter?

    3. Anonymous11:54

      Etihad asked for permission until the end of October, looking for some time to reorganize and utilize those LHR slots... No one knows yet how will Etihad use those slots and if they will conitnue flying from BEG to LHR...

      If anyone is interested in what airlines do with their LHR slots in winter, check this out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8XZriAdB1g

    4. Anonymous11:57

      They are seasonal slots same with JU's two weekly.

    5. @Anon 10:59 If Im right Ljubljana-London with British launching LHR will be 22 weekly?

    6. Anonymous20:48

      Hi Anon 12:38. If you are referring to summer peak season, then numbers are higher vs summer:

      U2 will have 13 weekly flights to LGW & STN
      BA will have 2 to LHR
      W6 will have 4 to LTN

      Total will be 19 and not 22. But still extremely impressive!

  3. Anonymous12:30

    Both airports so far have the most announcements and extra frequencies in winter.

  4. Anonymous12:47

    Hard Brexit might impact the demand.

  5. Wizz has realised that thousands are using Timişoara airport to reach Serbia from London.
    Prices to LTN-BEG are sometimes three times the price LTN-TSR...
    INI-LTN would do the great job as well..

    1. Anonymous14:57

      Actually thousands from Romania are using BEG to fly. When you go to the parking there are a lot of cars from eastern Croatia and Romania. Romanian buses are also quite common in front of T1.

      TSR as an important player will never happen.

    2. Anonymous14:58

      don't forget that BEG is also more expensive to use and Wizz has not been adding more seats to Luton until this year. I think they could fly daily to Luton, maybe even 10 weekly.

  6. Anonymous14:52

    Thousands? Really?

    1. Yes. Mainly Spain and UK.
      Gea tours departs 15 times a day from TSR.
      Its a nice chunk of passengers they are
      takin away from
      Until Ryan was flying from Stansted, these numbers were even higher.

    2. Anonymous15:22

      Given the success of BEG-BCN/MAD not as many are still going from TSR.

  7. Anonymous17:47

    No thank you Wizz, with lousy frequencies and high prices ...
    I wait for the day Easyjet or Ryanair start flights !

    1. Amm easy jet flies from LJU to London and Berlin daily so i dont know what your comment does supposed to mean ?

    2. Anonymous19:20

      Nejc, he was referring to Belgrade of course.

    3. Anonymous05:53

      Easyjet also offers lousy frequencies to Belgrade ...

    4. Anonymous08:10

      They do, don't they? At least BEG-GVA is going 4 weekly in winter while TXL is reduced to 3 so no change in the end. :/


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