Wizz Air hiring across the former Yugoslavia


Low cost carrier Wizz Air is seeking crew members for its bases in Tuzla, Belgrade and Skopje, with a special recruitment event to be held in the Serbian capital for those interested in being stationed in Budapest.

In Tuzla, the open recruitment day will be held at the Boutique Hotel Golden Star (Jevrejska 5) on July 31, starting at 09.00. In Belgrade, the airline will first host an invitation only event on August 9 at the Jump Inn Hotel (Koče Popovića 2a) at 09.00, while on August 22 an open recruitment day will be held for those interested in operating out of the carrier's Budapest base. The venue and starting time are the same. Finally, Wizz Air is seeking Macedonian crew members at an open recruitment day in Skopje on August 29 at the Marriott Hotel (Plostad Makedonija 7) starting at 09.00.

Interested applicants must be at least eighteen years old, have a minimum high school diploma and be fluent in English and another southeast European language, preferably Bosnian, Serbian or Macedonian. Those attending the open day must bring with them an updated English CV, preferably two photos (face and full body), as well as references. Those interested in the invitation only event in Belgrade must apply beforehand here. The open recruitment events require no prior registration.


  1. Anonymous17:20

    Does that mean we'll finally get a decent expansion in terms of destinations out of BEG, or would this be for the existing routes and frequencies?

  2. Anonymous18:49

    18 std, 2 stw ?! 10:1 za zenski pol. Muskarci kao da nemaju sanse...

    1. Anonymous18:51

      >>> 18 stw, 2 std. Typo error.

    2. Anonymous21:05

      How isn't that sexism?

  3. Anonymous21:08

    So all of these are for BUD and SKP bases?

    1. Anonymous21:10

      No where did you get that from? All are for their own bases except in Belgrade where there are 2 recruitments, one for BEG and one for BUD.

    2. Anonymous21:56

      So BUD will have Serbian crew? I think they will expand in Belgrade in W pattern like that.


    3. Anonymous22:36

      Several of the current TZL cabin crew members and cabin crew instructors are relocating to BUD to be instructors for new cabin crews as well gain further qualifications.

      Just like the Hungarian, Polish etc. were training them when starting up, they will now do the same.

      Nice to see our youth getting jobs and opportunities, though sadly they leave the countries.

      But hopefully one day will return and bring a lot of knowledge back to make some important moves.

  4. Anonymous14:11

    Great news! I always dreamed about selling sandwiches and ice cream with promotional price along with souvenirs and some other merchandise while my salary depends on sales. Such a glamorous dream job! That is aviation, pure class! :D


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