Wizz Air pushes back new Skopje flights


Budget carrier Wizz Air has for the second time delayed the launch of its new services from Skopje to Turku and Larnaca. The new routes, which were initially to commence on July 3, were first pushed back until July 22 and have now been delayed until July 31. Both services will be maintained twice per week. The carrier has also pushed back the launch of its new flights from Memmingen to Ohrid from July 1 until July 26, while the new service from Dortmund to Ohrid will go ahead as planned and commence tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous11:03

    Then people wonder why W6 only flies to gasto routes.

  2. Anonymous12:17

    I highly doubt those routes will be launched this year at all.

  3. Anonymous19:03

    SKP-Athens is amazing route as you can continue to visit whole mediterannean

    1. Anonymous09:05

      Aegean flies it already and they have their ATH hub to feed it.


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