Croatia Airlines hiring crew


Croatia Airlines is hiring new full time cabin crew members. Interested applicants must be Croatian passport holders and based in Zagreb, have a high school diploma, be fluent in English (both written and spoken), good swimmers and must be computer literate, while previous work experience is considered an advantage. Applications must be lodged here. The deadline has been set for August 21.


  1. Anonymous14:41

    Well seeing as more and more cabin crew and maintenance workers are leaving the company every day, we are going to have more and more hirings.

  2. Anonymous14:53

    If you search for FA's in the august, something is really wrong in the system. Unfortunately OU system is wrong and rotten from up till down. And vice versa.

  3. Anonymous18:12

    Its Illegal for them to just employ Croatian citizens. As E.U members, citizens from any E.U member state has a legal right to apply for the job.

    1. You knowledge of law is obviously insufficient if you cannot make a difference between "employing" and "applying for employment". It is not "illegal for them to just employ Croatian citizens". It is their right to employ candidates they want. It would be illegal if they banned from applying other EU citizens, by blocking e-access from abroad, or by not answering to applications from abroad. Of course that will not happen, and all interested EU citizens will be able to apply. Only, they will not be selected, trained and hired, as they don't meet the criteria set by employer. Very simple.

    2. Anonymous06:03

      Sorry, but you can't have your cake and eat it. Croatia wanted to be in the E.U, now you have to obey E.U laws. Croatia Airlines cannot insist that they only accept Croatian passport holders to work for them. Every E.U citizen has equal right to apply for every job in Croatia. Ovbiously they need to speak the language and live near the place of work, but insisting they only have a Croatian passport is illegal.

  4. Anonymous18:46

    imas pravo ali croatia airlines zahteva da govoris tecno hrvatski....

  5. Anonymous20:15

    The ad says “Od Vas očekujemo” which is a nice way to bypass what actually IS against the EU law. And btw. it doesn't say applicants need to have knowledge of croatian :)


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