Flybe inks Croatia Airlines interline


British regional carrier Flybe has signed a new interline agreement with Croatia Airlines, opening up new connections via London Heathrow Airport and other European hubs. It follows similar partnerships Flybe has made in recent months with Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines, Thai Airways, Wideroe and LOT Polish Airlines. The move will allow agents to connect customers to and from various European destinations using the Zagreb-based airline. Alan Tune, Flybe's Director of Sales, Alliances and Strategic Partnerships, said, “We continue to increase our wide range of interline arrangements enabling our travel trade partners to issue more tickets to an even greater number of destination options. For our regional customers, interline travel booked through a travel agent gives them the opportunity to enjoy the ease of travelling on an interline ticket with their bags checked through to the final destination. It makes their transit through a Flybe hub airports a really convenient experience”.

Flybe boasts a fleet of 75 aircraft and was recently purchased by Connect Airways, a consortium comprising of Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Aviation. It will eventually operate under the Virgin brand.


  1. Anonymous12:16

    Nice! Considering they are owned by Virgin Atlantic, we might see VK CS soon cooperating as well.

  2. Anonymous12:37

    Fly(may)be... Punctuality and interaction with delayed passengers are not their strong suits.

  3. Anonymous12:47

    Flybe are not in a very good financial position at the moment.

    1. Anonymous13:50

      Birds of a feather flock together!

  4. Anonymous11:15

    Flybe should review their restrictive baggage policy first, then (may be) they will be more profitable


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