FlyBosnia schedules London service


FlyBosnia has scheduled and put on sale tickets between Sarajevo and London Luton Airport. As previously reported, flights will operate three times per week, each Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, although the launch date has been pushed back by several days to September 24. The carrier noted its services to the British capital will increase to daily "over the next twelve months". It added, "Rome and Paris are expected to launch in the next three months". Promotional tickets are on sale starting from eleven euros.

Further flight details for the new Sarajevo - London service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:31

    'London' Luton is a horrible airport that's becoming increasingly congested.

  2. Anonymous10:38

    Ok but for prices starting at 350 EUR return I would expect them to serve LHR :D

    1. Anonymous12:58

      I agree, to be flying from Luton which is regarded as the worst Airport in the UK those prices are very expensive. I'll be sticking with Lufthansa via Munich. I can get a ticket for around £200 from Heathrow when I book early.

    2. They had a 17 euro one-way promotion for the first tickets, obviously the other ones are gonna cost more

  3. Anonymous12:34

    London Luton is still better than no London, right? :)

    1. Anonymous12:57

      @ ^ No it's not. Not at any price.
      It's the trash can of London not worth the money.
      It's clearly meant for leisure travellers and organised groups heading for London only and not connecting nor business travellers.

  4. Anonymous13:10

    Fly Bosnia also start charter flights from Mostar to Italy next Friday

  5. Anonymous18:36

    So, as a holder of a bosnian passport i can go bankrupt before i pay for the visa and the flight :) and end up in Luton.

  6. Anonymous20:19

    Luton is a big mistake. Other than the budget and charter airlines, no one has made a success of it, other than El Al and that is quite specific. Not the best example but Adria had good loads out of Gatwick when it maintained a decent frequency to allow for connections. When it pulled the route and went to Luton, the service lasted just the summer season. I would rather go indirect that from Luton... And many others feels the same.

  7. Anonymous10:10

    Luton is nowhere near Central London.

  8. Anonymous11:45

    They will have more passengers than B&H airlines in 2014 for the whole year :)


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