Montenegro Airlines' passenger numbers grow


Montenegro Airlines handled a record 360.000 passenger during the first seven months of the year and is on course to achieve its target of welcoming 660.000 travellers by year's end. The figure represents an increase of 3% on the same period in 2018. "The national carrier has the largest passenger share at Montenegro's airports despite competition from fifty other scheduled, charter and low cost airlines. Montenegro Airlines has an annual income of some eighty million euros, while it contributes between 150 and 200 million euros to the country's tourism and other industries both directly and indirectly", the company said in a statement.


  1. Anonymous11:05

    I flew with them few weeks ago FRA-TGD-BEG-TGD-FRA

    On that day flight from Podgorica to Frankfurt was heavily delayed and I got a call from Montenegro Airlines informing me about this problem.

    They offered me direct flight with Lufthansa on that day and after booking they called me 2 times to check if everything is ok. Even after landing in BEG I got SMS message asking if everything went smoothly.
    I was really very positively surprised with that kind of customer care.

    Return flight was via TGD - quite old Carpatair F100 with Romanian crew but the service was as it used to be on legacy carriers many years ago - free checked luggage, drinks and food (sandwich, desert, wet wipes, toothpick).

    I was very satisfied with YM and would surely fly with them again if opporunity arises.

    p.s. I still do not understand why in TGD you need to go through passport control even if you are only transit passenger...and it happens only if you transfer from Belgrade to Western Europe. Transfers from western Europe to Belgrade via TGD do not include going through passport control.

    So, now I have stamp that I left state of Montenegro but not that I entered it :-)

    1. Anonymous11:11

      I belive it is because when traveling from Serbia to Montenegro a passport isn't required, only an ID card, or for younger children even medical card is enough.

  2. Anonymous21:27

    Good news !
    I would like them to increase their Belgrade fights.
    Twice a day from Podgorica is just not enough i think.

    1. Anonymous21:33

      This year JU is actually beating them to Montenegro especially to Tivat. I don't see them adding more flights.

    2. Anonymous23:55

      Youre right, because if YM does not increase offer they will loose against JU on those routes.

  3. Anonymous07:30

    МЕ is unofficially an EU country now. It has very similar parameters to Croatia.
    Coastal tourism and a booming economy.


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