Mostar Airport sees strong July growth


Mostar Airport handled 4.677 passengers in July, representing an increase of 47.4%. Numbers improved from 3.173 last year. The growth was primarily as a result of Eurowings, which upped capacity on its two seasonal routes to Mostar from the Dash 8 turboprop to Airbus A320-family aircraft. During the January - July period, Mostar Airport welcomed 13.166 travellers through its doors, down 0.5% on 2018.


  1. Anonymous10:42

    Finally, signs of recovery....hope that Ryanair deal materialises ... Good luck OMO

    1. Anonymous15:27

      What are the realistic Ryanair routes? As a Mostarian in New York, Dublin-Mostar would be a dream for me because I could (very cheaply too) do JFK-DUB-OMO, but somehow I don't think there is that big of a demand for Dublin - Mostar

    2. Anonymous11:58

      Realistic Ryanair routes from OMO, most discussed are: Dublin, Rome-Ciampino, Frakfurt, and Krakow..........I, as a mostarian too, personally think Dublin route is almost certain to happen, because there is a large diaspora from Herzegovina, and parts of Dalmatia in Dublin + pilgrims....Dublin route looks promising, Krakow route I think, will also materialise giving that poles are the second most numerous pilgrims in Medjugorje, right after personal hopes are that Ryanair connects OMO with Frakfurt, Mostar needs it soo much...large diaspora around Frankfurt

  2. Anonymous16:52

    While Banja Luka has strong outbound demand in Mostar i see much more demand for inbound tourism .

  3. Anonymous17:12

    Thousands left Mostar and this part of BiH to live in Dublin in last few years. Many are leaving this part of country, going to Ireland every single day. If you add number of Irish visiting Medjugorje, Dublin - Mostar could be very popular.

  4. Anonymous21:07

    Hopefully NYO-OMO.


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