No bids for Jat Tehnika sale


The Serbian Ministry for Economy has said the tender for the sale of a 99.3% stake in maintenance company Jat Tehnika has failed after no bids were received by the July 31 deadline. The starting price was set at 20.4 million euros. Interested bidders had to be in the maintenance, repair and aircraft overhaul business with revenues of at least forty million euros in 2018. Furthermore, they had to be certified to carry out maintenance work on Bombardier and Embraer manufactured aircraft. Jat Tehnika itself is certified for Airbus, ATR and Boeing aircraft. The Ministry did not outline whether it will repeat the tender.


  1. Why do I have a feeling that next time price will be 10 mil?

    1. Momir18:42

      Well of thats maximum of what someone wants to pay then yes?


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