Sarajevo Airport registers busiest month on record


July was Sarajevo Airport's busiest month on record with 180.929 passengers handled. The figure represents an increase of 13.4%. The number of aircraft movements grew 11.4% to 1.752. During July, FlyBosnia introduced flights from Sarajevo to Manama and commenced charter services to Tunisia, following on from its new route launches to Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait City and Gassim in June. During the January - July period, Bosnia and Herzegovina's busiest airport welcomed 638.663 travellers through its doors, up 8.3%. Aircraft movements grew 2.9% to 7.959. In a statement, the airport said its figures should continue to grow in the coming period.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN53.485 1.2
FEB53.130 8.5
MAR67.893 2.8
APR89.843 3.3
MAY74.178 8.5
JUN119.205 28.2
JUL180.929 13.4


  1. Anonymous10:48

    Bravo Sarajevo!

  2. Anonymous12:20

    Very well!

  3. Anonymous12:20

    I've watched this ( TV show where director of Sarajevo Airport was one of the guests. The guy didn't say anything smart or special. It was hard to understand what he is trying to say (same as politicians usually). Their taxes are quite high: for departure passenger it's 31eur (18 to airport, 10 to government and 3 for something else).

    Anyway, it's great to see increase but lets be honest, Sarajevo has much bigger potential and it's the fault of the government and management because they have poor results.

    1. Anonymous15:09

      True. Sarajevo airport should have 2-3 million passengers yearly. Current result is still disappointing.

  4. Zoran13:15

    Samo naprijed!


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