Strike disrupts Pristina Airport traffic


A two-hour walk-out by some of Pristina Airport's ground staff this morning saw a number of flights delayed by over an hour. The industrial action took place between 08.00 and 10.00. Workers are demanding better working conditions. The Independent Union of Airport Workers has announced a strike for tomorrow from 08.00 until 14.00. It marks the second time this year that Pristina Airport has been affected by strikes. In February, air traffic controllers also took action, demanding higher wages, in line with European standards, while opposing a new law on salaries.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    What do they exactly mean by better conditions?

  2. Air condition -1C

  3. Anonymous01:00

    air controllers in Kosovo have always been among most priviledged workers in public sector in salaries and benefits! im sure they still get 1.500 neto EUR a month or more, which is like 4 times more than the average pay in Kosovo. mot to mention they have all been hired and trained through political connections and not on their own merit.

    1. Anonymous08:53

      1.500 is actually great for any region in ex-YU or the Balkans.

    2. Anonymous20:42

      Air Traffic Control of Macedonia (M-NAV) has average salary of more than 150 thousand denars per employee per month (that's about 2500 euros per month) , with traffic controllers getting even more than average.

    3. Anonymous00:22

      i also want to be as priviledged and earn as much as someone does in London, Frankfurt or New York, but its not realistic or fair to make such demads.

      @ anon 20:42,

      whats the average income in MK? how much does a Judge or a Doctor earn there? 600? 800 Eur?


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