Tuzla's growth slows in July


Bosnia and Herzegovina's second busiest airport handled 67.794 passengers in July, representing an increase of 0.5% compared to the same month last year.  During the January - July period, Tuzla Airport handled 338.800 travellers, down 1.2%. So far this year, the airport has shed 4.007 passengers compared to 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN36.341Decrease 10.4
FEB30.658Decrease 14.8
MAR35.679Decrease 14.8
APR56.276 6.9
MAY52.425 6.2
JUN59.581 10.9
JUL67.794 0.5


  1. Anonymous14:17

    Unless something changes I think this is about it for TZL.

  2. Anonymous21:06

    Seasonality clearly becomes an issue ...

  3. Anonymous12:10

    Cijela Tuzla jednu roza kozu muzla...meeeh

    Does anyone know if they have fixed the collapsing cieling with all the electricity falling out of it at the entrance to the security check?

    1. Anonymous17:44

      Nope, not yet.

    2. Anonymous18:01

      Maybe after the Atrium is done...


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