Zagreb Airport to host night-time runway race


Zagreb Airport will play host to a night-time runway race on September 29, with all proceeds to go to charity. The five kilometre "00:24 RUN" will begin at 00.24 local time. "The race organisers, the 24sata daily newspaper, in cooperation with Zagreb Airport, will provide competitors with a remarkable experience and plenty of pre- and post-race attractions, which we will reveal in the coming weeks. All the money from the race will be donated to the Children's Oncology Rebro Foundation in Zagreb", the airport said. Although the race itself starts after midnight, the event will begin at 21.00 on September 28 and last until 03.00 the following day. Participant registration for the race has begun with the deadline set for September 17, although applications will be closed if the 1.000 participant limit is reached beforehand. The event will include a fireworks display, DJ and a water cannon salute. Those interested in taking part can register here.


  1. Anonymous12:36

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous14:26

    A music festival and a nighttime race should not be their priority at the moment.

    1. Anonymous01:01

      And it's not, a fun event organised by a news company has literally nothing to do with the counties political and economic focus...

    2. Anonymous07:59

      Anon 01.01 what has the country's political and economic focus got to do with the airport's failure to attract more airlines and frequencies this coming winter? It's obvious that this is the first after many winters that we are not going to see a considerable increase in flights.


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