Zagreb Airport's old terminal to host festival


Zagreb Airport's old passenger terminal will play host to an all-night music festival on September 21. The facility will open its doors to the general public for the first time since its closure on March 28, 2017 and boast multiple stages with more than fifteen artists taking part. Tickets for Zagreb Sunset Sessions, which is being organised by BHS Events, are on sale now. The show will start at 21.00 and run until 06.00 the following day. "We are proud to announce we'll be taking over Zagreb Airport's Terminal Pleso on September 21 for what will arguably be one of the most unique events we ever held. After numerous unique locations such as Medvedgrad Fortress, Trsat Castle, breathtaking locations on top of Medvednica mountain, museums, rooftops, atriums, parks and tennis courts, the time has come for a level up", BHS said in a statement.


  1. Anonymous10:49

    Lol it would be better if it hosted LCCs

  2. Anonymous12:58

    Small tower.


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