Adria Airways 'temporarily' ceases operations

Adria Airways has suspended all operations as of this evening. The carrier says the move is temporary, and will last throughout Tuesday and Wednesday.  It leaves 558 employees in limbo and several hundred stranded passengers. In a statement, the airline said, "The decision to temporarily cease flight operations is a consequence of unsecured access to fresh cash which the airline needs for further flight operations. At this point, the company is intensively searching for solutions in cooperation with a potential investor. The goal of everyone involved is to make Adria Airways fly again and that ceasing of operations is indeed temporary. The company deeply regrets the situation and apologizses to all its passengers and partners. Adria Airways suggests to its passengers and partners to follow on-line announcements". The carrier's management is said to have requested four million euros from the government yesterday afternoon, but did not receive the funds.


· The head of the Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency, Rok Marlot, said the regulator has requested for talks to take place with Adria’s management to discuss the ongoing situation at the company. "I can't estimate how long it may take for Adria to go bankrupt. It could be five days, fifteen days or one month. It could also be hours or minutes. Other aircraft owners may decide to take the same steps and Adria could be left without its fleet overnight. It's a serious matter", Mr Marlot said.

· Austrian Airlines has been forced to cancel flights operated by Adria Airways:

· The Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency will revoke Adria Airways’ Air Operators Certificate once the carrier declares bankruptcy.

· Adria continues to sell tickets - At this point, Adria Airways is continuing to sell tickets for all of its flights departing Thursday onwards.

· Although the temporary suspension of service will likely become permanent on Thursday, this is the second time in its 58-year history that the airline has discontinued all flights. In 1991, the Yugoslav Civil Aviation Directorate grounded Adria Airways for a period of three months after Slovenia declared independence. Yugoslavia still had control over Slovenian airspace at the time.

· Adria to operate Frankfurt flight - Adria Airways has advised this morning it will operate one one-way flight Frankfurt to Ljubljana today, and a one-way flight from Ljubljana - Frankfurt tomorrow.

· The Polish volleyball team playing at the 2019 Men's European Volleyball Championship, which is being co-hosted by Slovenia, was expected to fly today from Amsterdam to Ljubljana on board Adria flight JP435, which has been affected. The Polish Prime Minister has ordered a government aircraft to fly the team to the Slovenian capital instead.

· This September, four European carriers suspended operations. In addition to Adria Airways, these include Aigle Azur, XL Airlines and Thomas Cook.

· Scenes at Ljubljana Airport today:

· The Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency will hold a press conference on Wednesday at 14.30 CEST. The conference will be held after a meeting with Adria Airways.

· The former CEO of Adria Airways, Peter Grašek, warns, “If Adria collapses, a whole bunch of routes will be shut down, so we will have to travel via other airports. This means a whole lot of extra costs that will put a strain on the entire economy. If I were the decision maker, I would suggest Adria be granted a loan, provided the owners pledge Adria Airways as a guarantee, and if the loan is not repaid, the airline’s ownership would be taken over by the state. The state would then set up its own management. This would buy valuable time, allow the airline to come up with a restructuring plan and allow Adria to come back to life”.

· The head of the union representing Adria Airways cabin crew, Gordana Boberić, said, "At the last meeting with the management, we did not learn anything new because the management did not know how to answer any of our questions".

· The Slovenian GoOpti transportation service, which provides shared and private airport shuttles, has seen a strong increase in demand over the past few days. It noted there is a notable increase in bookings for transportation to Venice and Trieste airports.

· Adria's only service today, flight JP125, will depart Frankfurt at 20.30 CEST with a scheduled arrival time of 21.45 in Ljubljana.

· Montenegro Airlines to boost Ljubljana operations - Montenegro Airlines will add flights between Podgorica and Ljubljana this coming winter season. The airline will maintain the service five times per week, each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. It represents an increase of one weekly flight on the 2018/19 winter season.

· Air Serbia to boost Ljubljana operations - Air Serbia will add flights between Belgrade and Ljubljana this coming winter season. The airline will maintain the service twice per day. It represents an increase of three weekly flight on the 2018/19 winter season.

· Air Serbia launches rescue fares for Adria passengers - Air Serbia has put on sale rescue fares for Adria Airways passengers over the next 72 hours. In a statement, the airline said, “Due to the temporary suspension of Adria Airways’ operations, Air Serbia has enabled the Slovenian airline’s passengers to fly to their destinations of choice at rates lower than average for this type of year. Passengers who are at risk of having their travel plans partly or completely disrupted by the flight suspension, will be able to use Air Serbia’s network and fly to cities in the neighbouring region and Europe. Ticket prices for these flights, depending on destination, will start from 74 EUR for a return trip via Belgrade. Passengers can also opt for one-way tickets, at half the rate of a return ticket”. Destinations from Ljubljana include Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Podgorica, Tirana, Vienna, Zurich, Prague, Copenhagen, Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt.

· AeroCentury terminates Adria aircraft leases - Aircraft leasing company AeroCentury plans to repossess all of its aircraft operated by the Slovenian carrier. "After many months of working closely with Adria Airways in Slovenia as it worked to improve its financial condition, today we gave notice to Adria of our termination of leases for two CRJ900 aircraft with immediate effect, due to the accumulation of substantial payment defaults by the airline under its leases with us. At the same time, we gave a default notice for our last remaining CRJ900 aircraft on lease to Adria. If Adria does not cure its payment defaults by September 27th, then this last remaining lease contract will be immediately terminated. We intend to regain possession of these three aircraft as quickly as possible and prepare the aircraft for lease or sale", AeroCentury said in a statement.

· Adria's sole service today from Frankfurt to Ljubljana will be operated by a wet-leased British Aerospace 146 aircraft from Germany's WDL Aviation  and foreign crew.

· Swiss' multi-daily flights between Lugano and Zurich, which are operated by Adria Airways, have been affected as a result of the Slovenian carrier's problems:

· The union representing Slovenian airline pilots has called on the state to intervene and bail out the national carrier, which is privately owned. “We are aware of the unenviable position, but we believe that the situation can be resolved in cooperation with the state. Currently, we stand to lose everything - both Adria’s employees and activities related to Adria's operations, without even talking about the economic impact. The airline’s sale to incompetent owners has led us to this situation, and for the sake of further economic development of the country, we expect the state to help resolve the situation”, the union said.

· The Club of Slovenian Entrepreneurs points out that the consequences of Adria's collapse could have significant economic consequences for Slovenia.

· Air Serbia will no longer accept tickets issued by Adria Airways, thus ending its codeshare cooperation with the Slovenian carrier on flights between Ljubljana and Belgrade. "We are in direct communication with Adria Airways in regard of suspended flights", Air Serbia said.

· Some 3.700 passengers have been affected by the two-day suspension of almost all of Adria Airways' flights.

· Some thirty Slovenian public servants that were due to fly between Ljubljana and Brussels today have all been transferred to Zagreb to catch alternative flights.

· Despite attempts by various members of the press to contact Adria Airways’ CEO Holger Kowarsch for comment, all inquiries have gone unanswered.

· As early as yesterday Adria's management insisted it was busy trying to stabilise operations and was conducting intensive talks with a possible strategic partner. Previous attempts to find a strategic partner have failed or have turned out to be merely preliminary talks with few if any prospects of succeeding.

· Luxair flights between Saarbrucken and Berlin, which are operated by Adria Airways, have been affected as a result of the Slovenian carrier's problems:

· Adria Airways is expected to declare bankruptcy in the coming days, most likely on Thursday.

• The Slovenian Minister for Economy, Zdravko Počivalšek, stressed the state will not invest "a single euro" into Adria with its existing ownership structure, as he believes the company's owners, 4K Invest, are to blame for the situation the airline finds itself in.

That concludes today's updates. For the latest news on Adria Airways click here.

Adria Airways was privatised in 2016. It was purchased by AA International Holding, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Munich-based turnaround fund 4K Invest, which has since been accused of mismanaging the company. It purchased a 91.58% stake in Adria at a price of 100.000 euros and later bought the remaining shares in order to secure 100% ownership. The transaction marked its first investment in the aviation sector. Adria sold its brand name to a 4K-affiliated company for eight million euros in 2017, injecting much-needed capital into the airline at the time. In December 2018, Adria Airways absorbed the company STBE through a merger and acquisition. The move increased the airline's share capital and changed its ownership structure. Its majority ownership (54.3%) was passed onto Stefan Beulertz, a lawyer residing in Malta, who was a close partner of 4K Invest. The Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure, noted, “Minister [for Infrastructure] Alenka Bratušek repeatedly warned that the airline’s sale to the German capital fund was a mistake and that the then government of Slovenia should have found a strategic partner within the aviation industry that would have ensured the long-term existence and development of the carrier”.

Adria cancels all flights

The Slovenian government previously said it was seeking to modify the country’s aviation legislation which would enable it to subsidise a select number of routes which were operated by Adria. "Our key concern at the moment is to ensure the maximum security and safety of air operations in the country. It is our responsibility to ensure Slovenia's connectivity with the outside world, so we have prepared a legislative proposal that will, if necessary, enable subsidies for some airlines", the Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure said recently. However, it warned, “This is a complicated and time-consuming process, which must be approved by the European Commission”.

Adria’s employees issued an emotional public letter yesterday afternoon. They noted, “There are 558 of us, each with their own face, name and story. On a daily basis, we ensure that our planes bring passengers to their destination safely. We are not just pilots and flight attendants, we are also the operations centre, ground services, commercial department, call centres, support services. 558. Each of us is a key link in this chain of responsibility and trust, and no one is alone. However, for us, Adria Airways is far from just being our job. It is not just a company flashed on the newspaper covers and a blue and green brand. It is our lives as well. The lives of our families are forever intertwined with Adria Airways. For many, Adria Airways is a family member. It is a friend that encourages us not to give up. It is the parent that you want to make proud. It is the annoying kid that tugs you on your sleeve at the wrong time. It is a partner, with to whom you compromise... To work in existing circumstances and among the public, which seems it can hardly wait for a part of us to die, is difficult…Our message is only one: We want to continue flying. We are proud to be Adria Airways! Yesterday morning, the airline’s flight from Ljubljana to Brussels had a special callsign, at the request of the pilots - Adria Forever (ADR4EVER).

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  1. Anonymous23:48

    Sad day for Slovenian aviation. Sad day for European aviation.

    1. Anonymous13:56

      Agree, so sorry for Adria! Still hoping they will get through this.

  2. Anonymous23:51

    Wow. Thought they’d last until winter.

    Bye Adria, until next time...

  3. Anonymous23:57

    They can't even let it die properly. They are going to drag it out by saying they have a potential investor and give people false hope. 4K go away.

    1. Anonymous00:03

      I have a feeling this is more about saving face than the airline. Sounds like people trying to salvage their careers, seeing an airline go into cold bankruptcy won't exactly glow on their CV.

    2. Anonymous00:09

      4K mishandled even the bankruptcy.

  4. Anonymous23:58

    Well this is unfortunately, not unexpected but still unfortunate.

  5. Anonymous23:59

    Good luck to all the employees, I hope you all find work soon. Stay strong!

  6. Anonymous00:00

    They are currently being welcomed in the aviation heaven by Dubrovnik Airline, B&H Airlines, Air Srpska, Air Croatia, Centavia, Belle Air, MAT...

    1. All of these airlines and "airlines" combined did not last half of Adria's life on Earth.

    2. Anonymous10:28

      And Aviogenex?

  7. Anonymous00:09

    Absolutely nothing new for 4K INVEST. They have burred many companies they have "turned around".

    1. Anonymous01:10

      * burried

    2. Anonymous14:00

      @anonymus: where did you read about many burried companies. I couldnt find but one.

      Well, one smart Slovenian politician was quoted today that Slovenian government should have looked for a strategic investor rather than selling AA to a financial investor. Well, they did with a huge international official sales process. But guess what: Zero interest. Nothing but declines...
      Why: Because direct competitors like Croatia Airlines, Air Serbia, Montenegro Air and most notably Alitalia get sponsored by tax payers. Every year. Just in the last few months EUR 33.7m for Croatia, EUR 900m for Alitalia, new Embraer airplane for bankrupt Montenegro, EURxx m for Air Serbia.
      Hard to compete, if you need to earn your money yourself.
      I think 4K and AA people have done an amazing job keeping it alive for so long.

    3. Anonymous14:57

      @Anon 14:00 This looks like 4K PR....

  8. Anonymous00:11

    I doubt they will so easily revoke the aoc. The staff seems very enthusiastic. I bet the government will urgently intervene.

    Well if it does not happen Air Serbia will become the busiest carrier at LJU and will possibly fly A319 from Belgrade, not only from Niš

    1. Anonymous00:12

      The government has already said they won't help them.

    2. Anonymous00:21

      On Sierra5 they clearly draw a parallel to OU state aid. It is a mean on pression. And just like the employees do not like to have bankruptcy as the reason they lost a job same is with a democratic government - no government wants to have bankruptcy of the national airline as their record.

    3. Anonymous00:27

      4K asked for 4 million EUR yesterday from the government and they didn't get them.

    4. Anonymous00:27

      ah, the sierra5 high-quality know..4K style. the article states (copy-paste): "Naša Vlada pa bo raje subvencionirala tuje letalske prevoznke, ki bodo v primeru stečaja Adrie prevzeli dobičkonosne linije." (sic) .... like you know Adria being owned by slovenians :D :D .... gotta love the "journalists" moralizing and don't letting them be bothered by facts

    5. Anonymous03:36

      Sierra5 was still claiming not more than 2 weeks ago that this is all just fake news and bad media reporting. The site is run by aviation enthusiast that obviously doesn't want to see Adria go bust and paints a picture according to that.

    6. Anonymous09:32

      Air Serbia is still faaaaar from being the busiest carrier out of LJU...

    7. Anonymous09:43

      It is not that far at all. Only TK has at this moment after JP collapsing more passengers from LJU.

      He probably thought Air Serbia will be the most frequent visitor in LJU and it is correct. No airline flies to LJU more often that JU (12 pw)

    8. Anonymous09:45

      Except that TK has more passengers and 14 pw.. So both wrong.

    9. Anonymous09:46

      JU has 14 weekly flights to LJU, 12 from BEG and 2 from INI.

    10. Nemjee09:51

      Obviously TK has more passengers than JU, they send their A321 while JU sends the Atr from BEG.

      That said, the difference is not that big when you take into consideration the size difference between JU and TK.

      IST: 155.631
      BEG: 61.459

      JU actually had more passengers in Q1 this year.

      Q1 2018: 12.700
      Q1 2019: 13.108

    11. Anonymous10:00

      So, let's conclude


      1. JU ==> 14 pw
      1. TK ==> 14 pw

      Number of passengers

      1. TK
      2. JU

      It is actually great result and very close to the top and not faaar from it

    12. Nemjee10:05

      I think 2019 will be very interesting as loads on LJU-INI were great this summer and I think all O&D from LJU to SOF, SKP and PRN might switch to JU either through BEG or INI.

      Who knows, maybe JU managed to upgrade some LJU flights to A319 in the future.

    13. Anonymous10:16

      This is exactly what kills European airline industry. I remember how smoothly they surpressed Adria from Turkish market. First they forced them to fly overnight and land there at 3 AM, then they stopped flying. Now they the Turks introduce a lot of flights. But Turkish government HELPS their state airline by all possible means whilst in Europe it is Forbidden! The result is we will now have a "Turkish" airport serving the capital of a Central European country (that has no other scheduled airports at this time). The European Comission needs to find a way to protect European airlines against dishonest competition from extra-European carriers.

    14. Anonymous10:46

      It's not just about Turkish, it's also about them not caring because large European airlines are profiting as well from smaller airlines dying out. The biggest loser in all this will be the Slovenian market since I don't know how many airlines will rush in to launch extra flights.

      Also it's is likely Slovenia will lose non stop flights to Copenhagen, Skopje, Pristina, Tirana...

    15. Anonymous10:54

      Znaci da zastite sebe od samih sebe?Al Italia.Er Berlin a uskoro i Kroacija dobija subvencije od vlade.

    16. Anonymous11:05

      Air Berlin? Jesi ti nesto prespavao?

    17. Anonymous11:09

      i posle ti kazu da je Srbija ne fer sto ne dozvoli TK da leti sa sirokotrupnim avionom, dok JU dobija nocne slotove na Ataturku ....

    18. Anonymous11:26

      Prespavao? Kolko je milki dobio Er Berlin da bi se odrzao u zivotu pola godine dok Lufthaza ne preuzme avione i rute?Ne mozemo da trazimo jedna pravila a kad mecka zaigra u nasem dvoristu ta ista pravila ignorisemo.

    19. Anonymous14:16

      JU will be number one in LJU in terms of weekly frequencies:

      BEG-LJU 14x
      INI-LJU 2x

      Total: 16

    20. Anonymous15:51

      Wow good for JU I guess!

  9. Anonymous00:11

    You can still buy tickets actually :D
    Liquidation experts like no other..

    1. Anonymous00:16

      That's outrageous, should be illegal. If true, the Slovenian CAA should intervene immediately and halt all trading.

  10. Anonymous00:11

    Did Holgar and the Estonian magician flee the country?

    1. Anonymous00:17

      Probably on that last flight to CPH...

    2. Anonymous00:25

      Not known yet, but it was already indicative, that Holger arrived from Germany BY CAR!!

    3. Like your comment haha epic "by car"

    4. Anonymous07:16

      Actually, it's true.

  11. Anonymous00:35

    2 weeks ago they didn't want to fly and wanted to strike, yesterday they sent out a letter saying they want to fly, tuesday/wednesday they aren't flying. g'damn they have to make up their mind already #irony

    1. Anonymous03:38

      Yes, gotta love the genius idea. Threatning company with strike, when they knew it's just a matter of time when it will go bust.

      Yet another proof Adria's pilot always were and still are very much out of touch with reality.

    2. The pilots had nothing to due with the downfall of Adria, nor did the rest of the workers at JP. It was clearly mismanagement and greed by 4K.

    3. Anonymous07:18

      Who said the pilots wrote the letter?! Check your sources, they're wrong.

    4. Anonymous07:27

      Charlie - the fault with this lies clearly with the Govt. Why on God's Earth they ever sold Adria to an unknown fund with ZERO experience in aviation is what now needs to happen. Someone from within Govt needs to be accountable for this terrible decision

    5. Anonymous08:05

      The pilots knew exactly the s*it Adria was in. Nothing would change if they went on strike. The situation was unavoidable, with or without the strike.

    6. Anonymous08:31

      Why waste time negotiating a better deal when the company is basically bankrupt instead of polishing your CV?

      Adria pilots at their best.

    7. Anonymous10:26

      Again, who said people were not already applying elsewhere?! Stop posting BS.

  12. Anonymous00:37

    Let's see if government or Lufthansa will save them. No one else can. Time is of essence, they only have couple of days to make a deal before it's too late.

    1. Anonymous03:39

      Lufthansa has enough problems with Eurowings and government publicly said multiple times they won't.

      Nobody is stupid enough to sink another 100 mio EUR into an airline that has hardly made any profit within the last 30 years, despite all the knowledge and experience they seem to have.

    2. Anonymous10:03

      LH, OS and LX should better be quick in launching flights to LJU before others do, especially on the "race track routes"

  13. Anonymous00:40

    Who will be responsible for giving passengers money back?

    With Malev passengers were banging on travel agencies doors.

    Seems like Adria suggest people go to where they bought tickets. Very rude!

    1. Anonymous00:53

      well adria sure as hell ain't giving it back at this stage, ay? especially if it was a nonlex-extra-saver-cheapass-sellmymotherfor10centsless-ticket, but it depends, theoretically if the ticket was purchased yesterday after closing of SWIFT trading, the bank transfer hasn't happened yet, so it can be cancelled by the purchasing office (agency, other intermediary, etc. etc), if purchasing by credit card, some card companies provide isurance and will refund the purchase, you may have bought ticket plus insurance, etc, etc. travel agencies with block holidays are another matter - here they are responsible for the transfere. so that I'm not too long - it is therefore best to contact directly the place where the tickets are bought, because there are many different possibilities.

    2. Anonymous00:55

      If someone was stupid enough to buy a ticket on Adria yesterday then they don't deserve to get their money back. Although I'm sure there are foreigners who booked tickets with them as they were the cheapest option and they are oblivious about the airline's status.


  14. Although expected still comes as a bit of a shock. These 4K charlatans should never have been allowed to take over Adria, and for what, only €100,000+. How was a company with no history or expertise in aviation even allowed to be considered as a candidate to take over Adria? I'm sure the salaries of top management was never late, and wouldn't be surprised is bonuses were given at some stage for 'the great work done' so far. The Slovenian government has a lot to answer for too in this entire scandal.

    This is really surovi kapitalizam, capitalism at it's brutal worst. Wonder how this will effect the rest of ex-yu aviation.

    Good luck to the employees.

    1. Anonymous00:57

      in the very short term actually positive external effects. ZAG will get quite a bit more traffic, especially from the southern and eastern part of SLO, and JU will have some more passengers on the BEG route for transfers. and there will be cheap-ish crj900 for lease if someones wants them.

    2. Of all the airports in the area. ZAG will benefit the most in the short term.

      Luftika will probably benefit the most in terms of transfer pax.

    3. Anonymous09:35

      I believe BEG will benefit the most as it is much easier to fly LJU-BEG-XYZ that to drive to ZAG,road border control, possible traffic jams, parking costs etc.

      JU might use this to offer promotional tickets for flights from LJU

    4. Maybe Zagreb will benefit short term but unless OU act now and base a couple of planes in Ljubljana , it will be taken over by wizz or another low cost carrier and that would be very bad for both OU and Zagreb.

    5. Anonymous11:33

      Sure it will, everything is bad for OU, ZAG and Croatia in general. Please let us then enjoy our misery and you enjoy your successes. Thanks!

    6. Anonymous13:16

      Zagreb will benefit greatly as many along the border will now choose to fly via Zagreb. Zagreb is also cheapest option for many now that Wizz air is leaving Ljubljana. Border is never the problem, in fact on Slovenian Austrian border last week there was a 10 km Q cause Austrians re-instated border there on the main motorway access, for past 5 weeks Austrians maintained border control, created real mess. I was driving from Vienna to Ljubljana and lines on Slovenian side were at least 10-12km long. Use local roads to cross the border .

      Also, agree with Q400, OU should place 2 Q400s in Ljubljana and just take over, this would keep OU busy over winter months and everyone happy the service from Ljubljana isn't interrupted too much.

    7. Anonymous13:58

      Agree, ZAG has the best chance and hope they will use it! No doubt many Slovenes will go to ZAG now.

    8. Anonymous14:22

      Hahaha Air Serbia introduced special fares for passengers from LJU - exactly as I mentioned in today's post at 09:35.

      Let's see if it easier to drive or to fly.

      Well done, Air Serbia!

  15. Anonymous00:55

    They were on the brink of bankruptcy many times even during the Yugoslav era. But the Germans managed to bankrupt it in the end.

    1. Anonymous01:01

      actually they did bencome bankrupt, in socialism we didn't call it that, but in 1968 Inex group had to bail them out by means of absorbing them into Inex and taking over their debts. In the early 80s Adria was "bought" out of Inex by means of the SLO republic taking over the still not paid debt/liabilities to Inex. So actually they managed to bankrupt themselves in the hardcore days of socialism in a world of fully regulated and virtually closed aviation sector. that takes skills.

    2. Didn't know about all those bankruptcies.

  16. Anonymous01:06

    Last sentence - typo

  17. Anonymous01:48

    So sad..For the airline that once was a raw model for other ex-yu airlines. For the airline that had the youngest fleet and the strongest market position. OU will benefit the most out of this, especially on the macedonian market. LJU and PRN will be definitely hit too..I don’t know what will be the reaction of Fraport but I see LJU shrinking in the short term and going back to the levels of 2000’s.

    1. PRN will only be hurt in the very short term. Until LH and others increase frequencies to pick up on the transfer passengers that were flying through LJU.

      LJU on the other hand will be hit hard. It will take them years to get back to current levels of passenger traffic.

  18. Anonymous02:08

    I just wasn't ready for our favourite telenovela to end like this, in the dead of night, on the same day as the Thomas Cook collapse. RIP Adria, we will all miss you.

    1. Anonymous02:16

      Oh well, who's next?

      Air Serbia

      Probably in this order, but who knows when.

    2. Anonymous02:54

      There was a talk about JP/OU merging back in 2013. Then a bit later with Air Serbia/Etihad taking over or buying one Ex Yu airline. Nothing came out of it. Political opposition to any such deals were mentioned back then on this blog. Some people claim there was strong resistance not only to takeover but also any kind of partnership or code sharing with Air Serbia, and words used were "We would rather go bankrupt than be taken over by Air Serbia". Be careful what you wish for.

    3. Easy buddy with going over to the dark side so fast. There was never any serious talk about mergers/takeovers of any ex-yu airlines, only speculation and wishful thinking. And none whatsoever between JP & JU. Your narrative is your own, no one else's.

    4. Anonymous06:32

      No one said between JP & JU.

    5. So then how did you come to the conclusion that 'you better be careful what you wish for'?

    6. Anonymous07:58

      OU situation and JP situation can't be compared. You can't even compare OU with JU. OU is servicing ZAG, DBV, SPU, ZAD, PUY, RJK, BWK, OSI even during the winter time taable... Do you know any other airline that will fly to this airports during the winter time? Or do you strongly believe that Croatian government will close this airports during the winter (except ZAG and SPU)? And then there are the locals that are expecting 10eur tickets from DBV to ZAG, because if Ryanair can do it, they should do it too.

    7. Nemjee08:36

      So what if OU is flying from all those airports? We no longer live in Communism so if an airport can't make it on its own then it's not up to the government to keep it artificially alive. The only thing the government should/could do is to provide funds to stimulate the market the same way the Serbian one did in INI or the North Macedonian did in SKP.

      JP was dead long time ago, they were kept on life support hoping there would be some signs of life. Last night the patient died to the relief of the Slovenian travelling public. Right now we have to see what becomes of LJU and who will actually step in to fill the void.

      Like it or not but under current circumstances, OU has maybe another two years to live. They are already begging the government for €35 million just to stay afloat. Why should the government do it? Didn't they give them over €100 million just before Croatia entered the EU? What did they do with all that money?

      People mock and attack the Serbian government for providing funds for JU but you know what, at least JU is doing something with that money. They are growing, expanding and building a respectable hub in Belgrade. They are doing what LO and BT did some ten years ago when they got government bailouts. Air Serbia might not be profitable today but they are on the right track. It's not easy operating out of Serbia, a market with relatively modest income and a high level of competition. Given the current and past circumstances, JU is doing a fine job.

      That is the real reason why you can compare JP and OU, they are both static and unimaginative just sitting there... complaining.

      OU wants to burn €135 million for what? So they can fly seasonally to Prague and Bucharest and to lose marketshare on the coast? What is the national benefit of having OU? Not to mention that their existence is blocking ZAG from developing and from getting more LCC flights.

    8. Anonymous09:09

      Charlie, how do you know that there was never any talk about mergers/takeovers of any ex-yu airlines?

    9. nothing serious. well... dinkić tried selling montenegro to EY, but hogan's ship was already badly damaged with problems in italy and germany

    10. Anonymous09:29

      Congratulation Nemjee.

      I would just add that OU for all domestic routes receives PSO that will be increased starting from next year.

    11. Anonymous10:14

      @ Nemjee:

      "We no longer live in Communism so if an airport can't make it on its own then it's not up to the government to keep it artificially alive"

      How is INI kept alive?

    12. artflyer10:21

      Comparison to LO is a totally missed one. In 2012 LO got public aid in the amount of 527 mln PLN (some 130 mln USD) after it went into troubles due to unfortunate FX and petrol hedging transactions concluded in previous years. These resulted in huge financial losses (not so much operating losses). As a result of receiving public aid LO had to cut routes and frequences (as a measure to ensure that this public aid will not distort competition). LO was then barely alive and vegetated for a couple of years under the limits imposed by the decision on granting the public aid, whereby it could not open any new routes, increase frequences etc. These limitation ended in 2015, but when they ended LO had very little cash left and its later expansion was in no way financed from the money received as public aid. All that money was long gone. The current CEO recently said in an interview that when he started his job back then the company was again on the brink of bankruptcy with as little as 18 milions PLN cash on the account (compared to 4 bilion PLN turnover). The LO's management philosophy is now called a "balanced growth", ie you grow, but have to be profitable all the time, ie you can count only on yourself.

    13. Nemjee10:59

      Anon 10.14

      What exactly don't you get about INI? You are aware that before JU got subsidies the airport had over 300.000 passengers per year and its revenue rose to €2.68 million in 2017? Obviously the airport can grow to sustain itself long-term. What the government did there was to invest in INCREASING the airport's potential and to redirect some passengers from neighboring airports to INI.

      Let's look at some facts:

      Revenue: 192.668.000,00 RSD
      Passengers: 124,917
      Cargo: 1,967t
      Profit/Loss: +28.433.000,00 RSD

      Revenue: 317.795.000,00
      Passengers: 331,582
      Cargo: 2,543t
      Profit/Loss: +48.196.000,00

      Revenue: 228.653.000,00
      Passengers: 351,582
      Cargo: 623t
      Profit/Loss: - 13.021.000,00 RSD

      Obviously in 2018 the drop in cargo was too big and could not be compensated by the 6% growth in passenger numbers. That said, will be interesting to see how the airport performs this year with both Air Serbia and Ryanair further expanding their presence in INI.

      Hopefully the INI situation is more clear to you now.

    14. Anonymous11:39

      Nemje +1000

    15. Anonymous12:47

      @Nemje seriously? JU is doing a good job? There is more money from Serbian taxpayers invested in JU than from Etihad. That is good job? To invest taxpayers money in airline that you don't own anymore? Zadar airport is paying Ryanair to fly to Zadar for years, HTZ is paying Ryanair to fly to Croatia. Where is the difference? What I am trying to say.. There is sometimes need to support the local airlines and businesses. Condor is part of Thomas Cook group. Would you like to bet that Germany will save this company?

    16. Nemjee13:01

      Serbian government owns 51% of JU so how exactly are they investing in something they don't own? They are the majority shareholder.

      Also unlike FR in ZAD, Serbian government invests into JU which they supplies its planes with locally manufactured products like Toto or Cacanski cips. The government is actually earning from all this because they charge VAT on all transactions so in a way capital still circulates within Serbia. It's much wiser than to invest in a foreign airline that moves the capital outside of the country. I haven't flown on Wizz Air in a while but the last time I was flying from BEG to LCA the sandwiches they were selling were actually made in Hungary.

    17. Anonymous13:51

      @Nemjee enlighten me... If is is such a good business, why did they sell JU in first place? Why din't they consolidate JU in general? Wherever Etihad has entered there is bankruptcy in flowing years. In EU, and only due to Serbia not being the part of EU this is not happening to JU. You are living in fairy tail.

    18. Anonymous14:24

      With new information from Air Serbia they are now the most frequent visitor in LJU with 16 (14+2) flights weekly.

    19. Nemjee14:29

      I am not living in a fairytale, I am just being realistic. We need to look at facts here so let's do that.
      Serbian government didn't sell Air Serbia, they sold Jat Airways, that is a company which was falling apart and whose fleet was almost grounded. I don't think we can compare the two companies. There was a desperate need to sell Jat, there is no desperate need to sell Air Serbia.

      What exactly do you mean by consolidation? JU underwent a consolidation process during which many unprofitable routes were cut. Since then JU has come out with a much leaner business model and a reinforced network. Maybe you were hoping their consolidation efforts would eventually lead them to bankruptcy? ;)

      The last time I checked Alitalia didn't go bankrupt and neither did Air Seychelles. Furthermore, all airlines Etihad invested in were already troubled. How do you know they collapsed because of Etihad and not because of some prior issues? I mean look at LH Group and how much their own airlines are struggling. SN is a disaster, OS is losing millions and so is EW. Same thing with the Etihad gang, maybe those airlines struggled and eventually collapsed because their own management was incompetent? Why is LX so successful but SN or OS aren't? Why did Air Serbia eventually make it but Darwin or Air Berlin didn't?

      Matter of fact is that JU has reformed itself enough to avoid imminent bankruptcy. Sure, the airline is not where it should be but then undergoing structural change takes time. This year they started expanding their network and charter flights which will give them access to additional revenue bringing them even closer to the break-even threshold.

      So please, if you are going to throw mud at JU, first make sure it sticks.

    20. Anonymous15:09

      LX was bankrupt too.

    21. Anonymous15:26

      You mean SR not LX.

  19. JU520 BEGLAX06:22

    JP R.I.P.

    As said previously, there is no market in todays environment anymore for small and rather poor nations to operate own carriers, costs are too high, revenues too small especially considering there is not a lot of business travel with better yield tickets. Macedonia and Kosovo the most southern republics did the right thing, Macedonia after some own lessons. MNE Serbia, Croatia keep now burning tax payers money, will see how the Balkan airline saga continues.

    1. yupp. also add to it that slovenian guys rarely travel by plane for their vacation. croatian coast is just too close, and the rest of the EU is reasonably reachable by car

    2. Anonymous10:46

      And how comes that Air Baltic, Luxair, Air Malta, Aegean... still exist? And work good.

    3. if you look to the map, 3/4 companies you mentioned are on the periphery of EU, 2 of them with strong tourism

    4. Anonymous11:34

      Slovenian guys travel by air quite a lot, mister. Perhaps with better connectivity they would even more. A lot of them don't fly from Ljubljana for that reason, but from Venice, Zagreb, Trieste, even Vienna, Milan & Girona. And it's not only Slovenes, tourism is growing YoY and perhaps would even more (again, with better connectivity)

      Just because Slovenes enjoy Croatian coast (less and less each year btw), that doesn't mean they don't travel by plane as well. So please, can we stop about this nonsense about how Slovenes don't fly or that "the market is just too small". The problem is in the competition around Ljubljana & in the flight ticket prices from Ljubljana. London which is served by LCC, is always full.

    5. Anonymous12:07

      Please don't repeat this BS that Slovenian people fly a lot. It is simply not true. Just because you flew from Venice once and you heard 5 people speaking Slovenian there, does not mean that Slovenians like to fly. My point will quickly be proven now that the market in LJU is completely open to the competition and airlines will not be preferred based on their "nationality" even on Adrias "most profitable" routes.

    6. Anonymous14:09

      well JP themselves stated that from 1.2 million passengers flown per year only 400.000 were O&D from LJU, the rest transfers.

    7. Anonymous14:51

      You are quite mistaken. I've been to Venice airport 10+ times & I'm flying from LJU on a monthly basis.

      I thinks both of us can only speculate. Foreign carriers will most likely not fly quite a few routes that Adria did. I don't know what that would prove though. If Slovenes were given an opportunity to fly to Emirates/Spain/Italy/Scandinavia for affordable price, on top of those 400.000 business trips with Adria, I believe, things would look a bit different.

    8. Anonymous14:54

      But in all fairness I might be wrong. Maybe I am overestimating because I would love to see better connectivity.

    9. Anonymous15:59

      If there would be such the demand, the routes would already be opened.

  20. Anonymous08:09

    Whatever O&D market there was between LJU and PRN will most likely switch to LJU-INI.

  21. Anonymous08:20

    I guess this is also the end of YM's TGD-LJU.

    Now they must save their code-share deal with JU otherwise they are as good as dead. Belgrade is their only connection to the world. A small carrier can not survive without a bigger one or in YM's case that's JU.

    1. Only connection to the world? Ljubljana is in central Europe, with car, bus, train you are in few hours to Vienna, Budapest, Venice, Zagreb. Milan and Munich are as well not too far... they don't need national airline...

    2. Anonymous09:16

      I think he was referring to Montenegro and YM.

    3. Anonymous10:51

      Montenegro and Adria had no code-share for almost 2 years now. In same time Montenegro is flying to Frankfurt, Vienna (code-share), Zurich, Paris (code-share), Rome (code-share), Moscow (code-shrare). They have code share on Austrian, Air France, Alitalia, S7. I know those "small" companies they have code-share with and those tinny airports does not give connection like Belgrade and Air Serbia, but... WTF????

    4. Anonymous11:40

      For YM BEG and JU mean more than all those put together, if they lose those two then none of those other airlines and airports you mentioned matter. Only BEG has decent yearround demand from MNE, that's a fact.

    5. Anonymous13:25

      And YM is increasing LJU to 5 weekly this winter season (they anounced this even before Adria was gone). JU is not so important as you think it is.

    6. Anonymous14:54

      JU flies 21 pw BEG-TGD
      JU flies 14 pw BEG-LJU
      YM flies 5 pw TGD-LJU

      Maybe not important but with much better connections and not only for LJU...that's for sure

    7. Anonymous15:07

      Plus add YM code on JU flights between MNE and BEG.

  22. Anonymous09:02

    Unfortunately it's only in Slovene, but it nicely sums up the 4K saga.

    1. Luka09:48

      Nice one. Sad that, like you said, sums the whole saga to the point.

  23. Anonymous09:10

    Is there a chance for someone to pick up the pieces of JP in the following days and create a "virtual" Adria 2.0? What I want to say is it possible to create a mini Adria (flying with other EU airline AOC) with few CRJ planes that will fly to FRA, MUC, ZRH, VIE and BRU? That could stabillize LJU and fill up this big void.

    1. Anonymous09:50

      After all this mess, only virtual passengers would like to fly with a virtual Adria 2.0

  24. Anonymous09:16

    Omg.. Very sad day for slovenian and european aviation.... I'm from Zagreb and I'm shocked... But it was expected... Unfortunately.. ADRIA4EVER..

  25. Anonymous09:21

    The fault for this whole sorry affair lies squarely with the Slovenian govt ... they have much to answer for

    1. Anonymous10:08

      For selling an entity whose heavy losses they couldn't keep stemming? Or, for selling it to 4K? If the name of the game was to sell Adria come what may the government could hardly refuse their offer, although doing so to a company with no previous aviation experience was a massive risk.

      There wasn't though a queue of more suitable bidders, if memory serves. It made more sense for other airlines to watch and wait for the inevitable to happen, which it now sadly has.

    2. Anonymous12:15

      Some people tend to forget that 4K took Adria with 150 million EUR debt while generating around 120 million EUR revenue yearly.

    3. Anonymous12:50

      Your average Joe who knows nothing about aviation, is under impression government sold a healthy profitable airline with 15 fully owned aircraft with zero debt to this fund and they manage to bankrupt it within 3 years.

      The reality is that had Slovenia not sell JP 3 years ago, it would have gone bankrupt back then already.

    4. Anonymous14:02

      +1 @anon 09:21
      +1 @anon 12:15
      +1 @anon 12:50

    5. Anonymous14:17

      @anon 12:50 Spot on. only add to that the classic "before that all of major airlines were fighting to get adria" line, and we're on a roll of high IQ average slovenian, most likely from the LJ area, who also thinks slovenia ends at the end of the ljubljana basin.

      and journalists are following the moralizin clickbaiting: just check the latest article on when describing how mas money allegedly funneled out of JP.... 75% of facts blatendly wrong, as commentators from this forum would also know from miles away (like adria getting millions for saabs, when in fact they were bought out of bankruptcy proceedings, so all the money went tothe creditors; the repeated stating that ACMI lines were 85% full .... like ACMI are paid by load factor) "Journalists" of the lowest degree. and they keep brainwashing the average Joe all day long.

  26. Anonymous09:32

    Thank you for the updates ex-Yu. The best website to follow at this time. Better than other Slovenian media at the moment.

  27. Anonymous09:33

    As soon as it was denationalized the writing was on the wall. Only as a state-owned entity with the government forever plugging financial holes can airlines like Adria survive in the modern era. Such a financial model is of course unsustainable and rightly unacceptable to taxpayers.

    It is not and never was in the best interests of other airlines to become strategic partners when they can instead pick and choose routes if/when Adria ceased operations. Just my views, of course.

    From a personal perspective my first flight as a solo traveller was Manchester-Ljubljana with Adria. Good memories and inflight experience. A very sad day for many people.

    1. Anonymous09:44

      All, with the exception of two, airlines that will today land in LJU are either state owned or the state owns a portion of the company.

    2. Anonymous10:01

      Just another clear sign that LJU needs LCC presence.

      I don't know what is this fight against LCCs in exyu. People from Western Europe seem to be happy to use LCCs even between large cities. Obviously that's not good enough for the exyu royalty.

    3. Anonymous10:06

      Huh? Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro have a considerable LCC presence.

    4. Anonymous13:34

      @Anon @10:01 There is no fight from anyone. LCCs simply do not have enough clients in LJU to fly their business. Otherwise they would have been storming here long back and would also have deserted this airport like they did to some other places by now.

  28. Anonymous10:11

    "· Adria to operate Frankfurt flight - Adria Airways has advised this morning it will operate one return flight on both Tuesday and Wednesday, from Ljubljana to Frankfurt."

    This is obviously purely symbolic. No one even knows what time the flight is but they plan to operate it.

    I really have to say that 4K has managed to make a circus even out of the collapse of this poor airline. Let it rest in peace you idiots.

    1. Anonymous10:17

      Ne znam sta ste ocekivali od njih, oni GASE firme.

    2. Anonymous10:21

      Evacuation flight for 4K management.

  29. Anonymous10:16

    Thanks God finally (hopefully) this never ending saga is close to an epilogue!
    The 4K management is just the last undertaker which was preceded by decades of
    Slovenian wannabe managers and pseudo businessmans related to the Commie system and their heirs in the "new" Slovenia. With few exceptions mostly totally incompetent bunch of people in the management(s).
    The only and crucial difference is that now there is no more taxpayers money left to be thrown in this big hole.
    Hoping that the Slovenian Pension system will not end like this. That would be a real tragedy!
    The show must go on. Not.

  30. Anonymous10:32

    What the deal with the FRA flights? Some media are reporting the flight today will be FRA-LJU, and tomorrow LJU-FRA. Adria does not have any plane stuck in Frankfurt. Will they send empty plane there, or is this just fake news?

    1. Nemjee11:02

      I wouldn't be surprised if LH is paying them to operate these flights. I am sure LH sold quite a lot of flights via JP so it would be cheaper for them to do it like this than to rebook them on AF, KL, JU, TK ...

  31. artflyer10:35

    I really hope there will be a new Adria (Adria 2.0) to ensure better connectivitity for Slovenia (not everybody is willing to go by bus or car).

    I think two issues are crucial:

    a) the basic idea (one wants an airline for business or for tourists - you really cannot do one airline for both)

    b) the fleet (the key challange for many ex-Yu airlines will be the moment when they cannot any longer use aircrafts that they own, ie. ones that are already fully amortised - rent will be a huge additional cost negatively impacting the financial results - one needs to think about it upfront and accumulate capital)

    1. Anonymous10:53

      All other companies still fly. You will have LH hubs and Belgrade. Enough for small city Ljubljana same size as Nis.

    2. Anonymous11:06

      LH hubs; Belgrade and Bruxelles. No need for more. I agree with Anonymous 10:53.

    3. Frankfurt, Vienna, München, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Moscow, maybe also Istanbul are essential connections from Ljubljana in my view.

      Priština, Tirana, Niš, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Podgorica are really not to important for Slovenians. I mean, I am glad we are connected to those cities too, but they aren't essential for LJU.

    4. Anonymous14:08

      @Idnas, they are the most profitable routes of Adria, From/to Prishtina and Tirana the planes were 90% full with 1-2 seats to spare.

    5. Anonymous14:28

      Belgrade maybe isn't but the connections JU offers are quite important

    6. Anonymous15:26

      Flights to Sarajevo and Podgorica were 95% full this year when i flown there with Adria. Do not underestimate the importance of exyu connections.

    7. Anonymous15:53

      All TGD transfers will just move to JU since they have triple daily flights.

    8. Anonymous15:58

      Why exactly do we need Belgrade from LJU ?

      We'll have AF and LH for the West and IST for Near, Middle and Far east.

    9. Anonymous16:06

      Well the fact they will have double daily flights on JU means that someone in Slovenia needs them. Maybe not you but someone does.

  32. Anonymous10:51

    XL gone" Thomas Cook gone and now it seems JP too. Ironically, LJU will benefit just like TLL and BUD did. Having a big airline with a 50% share is not good for an airport and Belgrade must learn this too. JU has a 65% share and relies heavily on transfer.

    1. Anonymous10:54

      I wonder if anyone informed LH about it in FRA and MUC?

    2. JU is below 50% on BEG with it's share declining each year

    3. Anonymous11:33

      Some of us are not happy that Adria flies to other countries. Instead it should focus on Slovenia. Who is correct?

    4. Anonymous12:49

      So you want Adria to not fly to other countries, so domestic only? What would they fly? LJU-MBX?

    5. Anonymous12:57

      Sad, but on LH page you can by ticket for LJU with Adria ..

    6. Anonymous16:04

      Yes, even for tomorrow. The same on Brussels on the other hand is selling tickets from Thursday on just on some dates (it looks more like they are removing Adria flights from the system), Austrian removed JP flights from their system just for today and tomorrow.

  33. Anonymous11:11

    The biggest group of stranded pax is a Polish national volleyball team, stranded in AMS, supposed to travel to LJU on Adria today to play Slovenia in European Championships semifinals. This is not fair play;)

    1. Anonymous16:01

      They are being brought by the Polish government B738 later today :)

  34. Словенија је економски снажна држава. Тешко да за њену моћ Адрија Ервејс ће представљати проблем.
    Словенија неће бити без авио компаније. Није била ни досада...
    Rodney Marinkovic, Kings Park, Sydney. ✈🌐✈

  35. Anonymous11:40

    As I see in the last update Slovenian CAA holding press conference tomorrow. For the sake of keeping face, they should revoke Adria's permit.

  36. Anonymous12:26

    For the next days: Air Serbia is offering competitive prices to/from Ljubljana to various destinations (mostly exYu).
    One way tickets from 35 eu and round trip from 65 eu.
    Few examples:
    Sofija – Ljubljana 36€

    Ljubljana - Podgorica _ Ljubljana 65€
    Ljubljana - Tirana - Ljubljana 78 eu
    Ljubljana -Sarajevo - Ljubljana 70 eu
    Skopje 80 eu
    Praga 80 eu
    Sofia 80 eu

    all hand baggage only
    all via Beograd

    1. Anonymous12:31

      Prices also valid for round trips to Ljubljana starting in exYu, Prague, Sofia and Tirana.
      e.g Skopje - Ljubljana -Skopje an so on.
      All via Beograd.

    2. Anonymous12:33

      Does it make sense? Now with smaller competition they should increase prices and not lower them! This is how it normally works, unless they want to go Adria route. Aren't they in the business of earning money?

    3. Anonymous12:33

      Limited amount of tickets.
      Departures from October 2019 till March 2020.
      Hope it helps.

    4. Anonymous12:46

      JU was already running this kind of promo I think, for winter period.

      But, even if they not, in cases like this is common to offer "rescue" fares to market that has suffered from some impact in limited period. It is really basic marketing, you help people, promote your company, build relationship & loyalty with customer base etc.

      If JU is smart enough they should upgrade equipment or add flight in some convenient timing for connecting flights for short period of time. Again, look at that as a marketing investments, it doesn't need to bring additional revenue at the moment.

    5. Anonymous12:50

      Well since Air Serbia does not have to make money they would even lower their prices even if the remained the last airline on earth.

    6. Anonymous13:17

      JU sermed to have picked them destinations.
      Sofia and Tirana are markets for Adrija.
      They are basically wanting their share of the cake.

    7. Anonymous13:23

      JU already increased LJU from 12 to 14.

    8. Anonymous13:59

    9. Anonymous14:21

      Really god job by JU.

    10. Anonymous14:30

      Well done Air Serbia!

    11. Anonymous14:36

      They should also add Tirana, Sofia and other Balkan destinations.

    12. Anonymous15:02

      Who should do it?

    13. Anonymous15:34


    14. Anonymous15:41

      JU is already flying to TIA, SOF and many other Balkan destinations

  37. Anonymous12:34

    Why don't the employees provide guarantee for the 4 millions to 4K, if you're so sure that that's all it takes to save Adria?

    It's only 4 millions, and if there's really 558 of you, that's a little over 7.000 EUR per employee... If things don't work out with 4K, you'll become a shareholder of Adria and you will be able to run the company your way.

    1. Anonymous12:48

      Because Adria's employees have typical Slovenian public sector thinking that they are owed their job and country should provide it at whatever cost.

      They don't care now and never have whether the company is making profit, whether oil prices are high, etc.

    2. no, and your comment is rude. We are talking about having a national air carrier. If state is allowed to pour 50 mio € per annum to Railways and 24 to Bus operators, why not airline? You moron have no idea who is working for AA and what people they are. Some of them are definitly corrupt and inapt, and probably should have been forced out years ago, but...BUT...when airline ceases operations, there is no going back. This is the END of slovenian airline business for EVER. If you are enjoying this, I hope you loose your job soon and not find new one for a long time

    3. Anonymous13:44

      Anonymous 12.48 so true and so sad!

    4. Anonymous13:50

      To Bor: how can you compare buses and railways with Adria? Buses and railways are driving kids to school, adults without a car and old people to hospitals, shops, tourists around Slovenia too etc etc huge amount of passengers etc. but Adria not. Adria is not essential for Slovenians. Do you want cites like Ljubljana without public transport?

    5. Anonymous13:50

      @anon 12:34: makes you wonder, right? but fear not. just read the news on the rtvslo web page. the pilots are already already crying and demanding from the government to make sure that they will continue to enjoy 550h a year flying with 15k EUR salary and no travel abroad. they just seem like spoiled children with this sort of crying.
      i'm already seeing how this will go well with all the TAM/Mura/etc workers who lost their jobs in the thousands and noone gave a rats-a** about them, and noone was earning those wages.

      so yes, they would totally be for giving their own money, they just showed it 5min ago :D

    6. Anonymous13:54

      railways and buses are used by so many persons to reach the working place every single day ... Adria is nothing compared to this.

    7. Anonymous14:07

      @Bor I agree 100%. Some of the comments are disgusting, they are like vultures. Like who is next? It was about time, etc... An decent airline employee can't write something like this.

    8. Anonymous15:31

      Bor, I agree with you to a point. But everybody is emphasizing "Slovenian national carrier".

      Where did Adria cancel and merge flights en mass this and last summer? Was it ACMI flights for OS, LH and LG? Were Austrians and Germans flying with knackered old F100 or Avros? No. It was in LJU, in Slovenia, with Slovenian passengers, Slovenian businessman, people going to do business in Slovenia and tourists visiting Slovenia.

      They don't care about being a national carrier, until their jobs are on the line and then they start crying. It was the same thing back then every time JP needed fresh capital, everybody was crying how Slovenia needs national carrier.

      Don't get me wrong, Adria probably had no other solution than to do ACMI flights. This is what every sensible airline on the market would do. But you can't then start extorting the government to provide funds, when you have completely disregarded the domestic market for years.

    9. Anonymous15:56

      To the point. And you can't totally ignore passengers in Slovenian market and being arrogant for years and than approach to the same with a plea for help, not even a plea but with plain threatening and blackmailing.

  38. Anonymous14:03

    Where is Croatia Airlines??? Where are their rescue fares??? What on earth are they doing??? Only a moron would pass up an opportunity to profit from this mess.

    1. Anonymous14:23

      They are busy celebrating because they got money from government :)

    2. Anonymous14:24

      Sleeping ;-)

    3. Anonymous14:36

      Croatia Airlines is not flying from Ljubljana.

    4. Anonymous14:37

      Zagreb is very close to Ljubljana. If they offered rescue fares people would drive to there.

    5. Anonymous14:46

      I think they have some sale going on now so people from Slovenia can profit from that.

  39. JU520 BEGLAX14:20

    Isnt Grasek the one who signed the long term ac leases, gets still commission for it and now of course supports a loan to JP, so he keeps his commission.

    Gangster style system

    1. Anonymous14:36

      no, i believe Tufek signed the long term A319 lease agreements if that is what you had in mind>

    2. JU520 BEGLAX15:13

      Ah ok. Thanks for claryfiying :-)

  40. buses and railways and airlines are essential in equal terms. Your corrupt logic "survive or die" should then apply to railways and busing too. BUT - many lines are not profitable, so state injected subsidies into them, which is perfectly why not airline? Clean of that shit of course. Because it is of public interest. 4K has sucked more than 30 mio € from Adria in 3 years. Gone to oversees accounts. Not that I have nothing against subsidies, they are essential, as state exists for one reason only - to make people's lifes better. If it exists for any other reason, it should not exist at all. And - why are "local" subsidies allowed? Why is Ryanair and likes of it allowed to get subsidied lines and not others? It is very hard to get permission from EUC for PSO, but not if it is from local authorities...Adria, or any airliner in general is very complex business, requiring specialist knowledge and when it dies, the knowledge dies with it. Just watch what is going on in Croatia. From no3 ship builder in the world (in socialist times) to small ship builder and soon even that knowledge will be forgotten. We are talking about big picture here, not only narrow interest of investor, owner or whatever. You people should have at least decency not to celebrate demise of any company, let alone aviation related one. And no, I'm not Adria employee....

    1. @Bor: Buses and trains are a part of a country's public transport systems. The state subsidizes bus and railroad companies because they provide a public, sustainable alternative to cars – an alternative whose existence is in everyone’s interest.

      Airlines, on the other hand, operate in a *market* environment. Plenty of airlines around the world make a handsome profit because they offer a product that has a demand on the market. Of course, they have to get provide a product that is appropriate for the fares they charge – and they have to maintain sustainable economies of scale.

      Adria is a market failure. For years, even before privatization, it was unable to compete with both LCC and established full-fare carriers. It provided a level of service that was substandard for the fares itcharged. It didn’t even provide free soft drinks, which are standard even on better low-cost carriers such as Southwest and Volaris. Its fare structure was also unresponsive to the demands of the Slovenian market.

      In a market environment, such companies fail and are replaced with companies that can do a better job serving the market. This is no different from a local restaurant closing its doors after losing its customers.

      And in a united Europe (being a part of which has been our goal since independence) , it doesn’t really matter where a certain company is based. An airline based in, say, France, can do just as good -- or better – job serving Slovenian customers than a company based in Ljubljana. That, ultimately, is what is in the public interest.

    2. Anonymous15:48

      Exactely. LOT in BUD is perfect example.

  41. WDL BAe146 is scheduled to operate the JP125 FRA-LJU....

  42. Anonymous15:24

    Air Serbia communication with travel agents. No more JP (165) tickets on JU flights.

    Dear partners in travel,
    In reference to the temporary suspension of Adria Airways (JP) flights, please note:
    Adria stock 165 tickets will NOT BE accepted on JU flights, as of today 24Sep19 until further notice.
    JU will have additional capacity on routes that were operated by Adria Airways available in the system.
    Air SERBIA is publishing Rescue fares valid for travel in the next 72 hours,
    to make it easier for JP stranded passengers to reach their destinations, or return.
    There are also other low fares in the system, if bought outside of this period.
    We are in direct communication with Adria Airways in regard of suspended flights.
    Our mutual interline agreement stays valid for now.
    In order to assist stranded JP passengers in the next 72hrs, Air Serbia has prepared rescue fares.

    1. Anonymous15:55

      This is a rare case when I am actually proud of JU. They did such a magnificient job and they were really prepared for this. I think they really want to cement their position in Slovenia.

  43. Anonymous15:48

    A friend of mine who is working at a travel agency send me a message from his booking system (you have to use a login).
    The content is: Dear customer,Adria Airways has filed for bankruptcy and suspended its operations with immediate effect. Please submit refund application forms on this website.

    Do the travel agencies now more about the situation. I believe this is not a fake message, maybe Adria want´s to use the official two day flight cancelation to cleanup some things.

    I was always a loyal customer over the last years to Adria and I am very disappointed with their tactics.


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