Adria pilots call off strike


The management of Adria Airways and the Slovenian Airline Pilots’ Association reached an agreement on Friday in order to avoid a planned three-day strike starting this Sunday, September 8. "Adria Airways will operate all flights as scheduled", the airline said in a statement. No further details were given.


  1. Anonymous18:12

    "Adria Airways will operate all flights as scheduled"

    Well, at least they are being optimistic. lol

  2. Anonymous18:17

    I think pilots realized that it would be the end of JP and with Aigle Azure going bust there are a lot of new pilots on the job market.

    1. Anonymous18:23

      A news article says that more than 30 Adria pilots are negotiating with other airlines. And that the pilots are calling off the strike as they are aware that Adria will go bust soon regardless, they just don't want to gice the Germans an excuse. Another article at mentions that Adrias AOC could be revoked within two weeks.

    2. Anonymous18:38

      I think so too - Adria is a dead horse .
      Time to get off !

    3. Anonymous07:50

      Well, not exactly - dead horse is either completely harmless or even beneficial.

      There are two possibilities: either JP (4K) made huge piles of money with the ACMI flying, because otherwise they would go bankrupt in less than a year after taking over, if they operated on the usual JP finance level. Or they went full retard mode and buried a financial hole to China due to the stupidity of contractors who thought that ''the Germans'' are trustworthy business partners.

      My personal belief is that it's a bit of first and a whole lot of second.

  3. Anonymous08:17

    Management agreed to the terms knowing full well they won't have to respect them for more than couple of weeks with the way Adria is going at the moment...


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