Adria wet-leases BAe-146


Adria Airways has concluded a wet-lease agreement for a single British Aerospace 146 aircraft from WDL Aviation. The aircraft is being used as its own Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft has gone into maintenance. According to the “Austrian Aviation” portal, the wet-lease has been concluded for an undefined period. WDL is a German charter and wet-lease operator. Adria currently boasts a fleet of nineteen aircraft, of which fifteen are in use. This includes seven CRJ900s, three Airbus A319s, three Saab 2000s and two CRJ700s. A further three Saabs and one CRJ900 are currently grounded. The Slovenian carrier wet-leases two CRJ900s each to Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa, as well as one CRJ700 to Luxair and two Saab 2000s to Swiss.


  1. Anonymous13:56

    No worries. They have plenty of cash to burn.

  2. This plane is based at LJU from 26.8.

  3. Anonymous14:49

    They have a sweet tooth for expensive, uneconomical planes I guess..

    1. Anonymous16:29

      Best aircraft ever built by British!
      Regards from former BAe146/Avro RJ mechanic...

    2. Anonymous16:51

      Regional jet with 4 engines? Really...

    3. Yes really. Maybe the Viscount was better. Its main attraction originally was its quietness. Using inner city airports other jets could not use.

  4. FInally realizing that Tuzla Airport render pictured BAe146 and not A380 lol

  5. Anonymous00:57

    Will they ever die?

  6. Anonymous09:53

    E, to će ih izvući iz krize...

  7. BAE 146 Bring Another Engines,
    1 fuselage, 4 engines, 6 wheels


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