Airbus to study Tivat nighttime operation options


Operator Airports of Montenegro has selected the Airbus-owned Navblue company to elaborate and study the advantages of enabling Tivat Airport to handle flights during night time. As the winner of the international tender, Navblue will have 150 days to finalise its findings in cooperation with relevant state authorities. The deal is valued at 450.000 euros. Since its opening over sixty years ago, Tivat Airport has only worked during daylight hours and does not posses the necessary runway lighting equipment to remain open more than half an hour past sundown. If the consultant finds that Tivat Airport's nighttime operations are viable and justified, the operator would aim to keep the airport operational from early morning until 23.00. Navblue is a services company, wholly owned by Airbus, dedicated to flight operations and air traffic management solutions.


  1. Anonymous10:58

    This is fantastic, I am sure many airlines will launch night flights starting with JU.

  2. Sad news for Tivat resident. Expect more noise during migjt time


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