Banja Luka Airport continues dream run


Banja Luka Airport registered another strong month in August by handling 14.976 passengers. The figure represents an increase of 354.5% on the same month last year. It comes as a result of Ryanair’s operations, as well as Air Serbia’s charter flights to Antalya and Athens. During the January - August period, Banja Luka welcomed 98.084 travellers through its doors, up 543.6%. The airport has overtaken all of its annual passenger results recorded over the past decade.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN8.838 634.7
FEB7.805 988.6
MAR9.962 770.8
APR12.460 589.9
MAY12.780 664.8
JUN14.190 518.6
JUL17.073 449.1
AUG14.976 354.5


  1. Anonymous10:41

    I hope we see more charter flights next summer.

  2. Anonymous10:51

    August increase was the smallest of the year.

  3. Anonymous10:54

    It is obvious now that BNX takes some passengers from ZAG as their average growth in this year was only weak 3% (in 2018 it was 8%!) with possible trend of decreasing in winter months

    1. Anonymous11:01

      Absolutely- for ZAG it would be good BNX did not exist. Then their growth would have been 3,001%.

    2. Anonymous11:07

      Your anger just shows your bitterness towards reality. Even some Croatian members of the forum here see that BNX is and will even more take passengers from ZAG,

      Lets just be patient and see what will be ZAG growth at the end of the year...

      More than tiny 2%? Highly doubt

    3. Anonymous11:19

      Most of those 60.000 new passengers came from Banja Luka area. Rest is from rest of BiH and from Slavonija, Moslavina, Banija and Kordun. For sure not from Zagreb. Not more then 10% of those new passengers came from Zagreb area. And those 6-7.000 for sure is nothing for 3,3 million Zagreb passengers.

    4. Anonymous11:35

      I never said all these passengers are from Zagreb.

      I clearly said that these passenngers are taken from ZAG airport. It means practically that all the people you mentioned here used ZAG airport for flying in the past and now they have much cheaper alternative.

      Therefore ZAG is going to fell BNX presence more and more.

    5. Anonymous11:36

      I am pretty sure BNX is a threat. Many people changed from Brussels Airlines to Ryanair. SN is really expensive to ZAG. You pay some 80€ Return, wheras by going to Charleroi and flying to BNX you can save 35Eur. And OU is way to expensive to Stockholm on their CRJ1000 especially in Winter when BNX growth was biggest.

    6. Anonymous11:36

      bnx is indeed a zagrab lcc replacement.
      the same is happening with ini taking traafic from beg.
      normal aviation stuff....

    7. Anonymous11:37

      @ Anon 11:35 Yes- now please present the numbers alternative transportation means especially busses that lost pax.

    8. Anonymous11:40

      @anon - I don't have to.

      It is enough to see ZAG tiny growth this year.

    9. It's not the fact that there wasn't a single new route introduced in the last 12 months, but the fact BNX got Ryanair.

      And yes, I'm that delusional hater you love to hate.

      Local aviation experts...

  4. Anonymous10:58

    SJJ will surely be affected by BNX's meteoric rise.

    1. Anonymous11:19

      60.000 new passengers for sure is not meteoric. And will not harm Sarajevo.

    2. Anonymous11:41

      ZAG is going to feel it more than SJJ.

      And this is just a beginning...

    3. Watch out Split and Budapest! You are all in imminent danger! Belgrade, you want to keep an open eye, too!

    4. Anonymous13:09

      Brnik South.

    5. Anonymous13:44

      VIE and PRG are also in imminent danger from BNX growth!

    6. Anonymous13:46

      ZAG passenger growth in last 3 usually strongest months

      - 1,79%

      Now you can call all the airports around - not even one has such a fantastic growth

    7. Anonymous13:48

      Are the rumors true about OTP management holding an emergency meeting to see how will they respond to the BNX threat?

  5. Anonymous13:42

    Bravo Republika Srpska!

  6. Anonymous13:51

    For me it is obvious that BNX massive growth played a role to JP' going bankrupt. The huge passenger numbers that it attracted definitely hurt their pax loads.