Split Airport registers busiest August


Split Airport handled 672.261 passengers in August, representing an increase of 7% on last year. During the month, the airport welcomed its two-millionth traveller of the year and is on course to reach its projected target of 3.3 million passengers in 2019. During the January - August period, it processed 2.497.427 travellers, up 6.5%. So far this year, it has added an extra 153.266 passengers.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN36.360 6.9
FEB34.825 13.7
MAR50.037 5.9
APR151.381 25.8
MAY310.809 2.2
JUN513.706 8.2
JUL723.048 4.0
AUG672.261 7.0

Image courtesy of Alan Grubelić


  1. Anonymous14:06

    If projections are correct, SPU will be just shy of Zagreb this year. Amazing work. Well done!

    1. Anonymous14:07

      Depends on how SPU does this winter. I think they will do just fine. This year they added some 100.000 passengers more than ZAG.

    2. Anonymous15:17

      Why are you shocked? How many new airlines launched ZAG and how many SPU? Split is doing a fantastic job same as DBV.

  2. Anonymous15:59

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous17:18

    Split was record holder for busiest month ever in exyu region, but if unofficial report of 760k Aug passengers at BEG is correct, it could mean BEG will now hold a new record for busiest month. Waiting for official numbers, until then - congrats SPU!

    1. Anonymous17:22

      Issue with SPU is that it is running out of room so airlines can't add flights as they please. This is why growth is modest than what it could be. ZAD is profitting the most.

    2. Anonymous17:27

      SPU has seen its peak during summer. Luckily ZAD has stepped in and is taking over pax. This uncontrolled growth at SPU had a devastating effect on its environment and finally it has come to its end.

    3. Anonymous17:29

      What end bruh? SPU grew by 7% in August. LOL!

    4. Anonymous18:12

      ZAD grew 29,73% adding 35.213 pax in August. On the yearly basis it grew 33,18%
      adding 148.083 pax. Guess which airport these were taken from? And the trend will continue now that ZAD is going to invest big money in the new terminal. Thank god for that!

    5. Anonymous23:15

      SPU also added 150k new pax, so you're saying that SPU would have added 300k if it wasn't for ZAD?

      Isn't it possible that both of them just grew organically?

  4. Anonymous08:04

    ZAD is bursting at seems as is. It's a long way to the 'new' terminal.

  5. Where is Split Airport?

  6. u gradu KAŠTELA na granici i djelomično u gradu TROGIRU


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