Tuzla Airport sees August growth


Bosnia and Herzegovina's second busiest airport handled 66.732 passengers in August, representing an increase of 2.1% compared to the same month last year. During the January - August period, Tuzla Airport handled 405.532 travellers, down 0.6%. So far this year, the airport has shed 2.639 passengers compared to 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN36.341Decrease 10.4
FEB30.658Decrease 14.8
MAR35.679Decrease 14.8
APR56.276 6.9
MAY52.425 6.2
JUN59.581 10.9
JUL67.794 0.5
AUG66.732 2.1


  1. Anonymous13:45

    Great for August but pity on ytd. That means missing around 15 full Wizz flights and the main holiday season as well bank holidays before Christmas etc. already being over.
    How was this year charter wise vs last year, can't remember anymore?
    Btw., they are still working on the interior of the terminal with changes in restaurant & bars, as well construction of some seperators above the security check.
    Hopefully soon the security check will be expanded to the projected 2 lanes and starting just left of the check in counters as it creates a mess during 2 departures.
    Beside the security check que and still very dirty and already broken toilets, I must say that the passenger experience has improved and kudos to the kind airport pax service staff always being helpful.

    1. Anonymous14:07


    2. Anonymous17:04

      Yes, good question. How many charter flights were there to Tuzla by which airline and how often.
      Or do people from Tuzlanski Canton go to Sarajevo,Osijek or Belgrade for charter flights ?

    3. Anonymous17:13

      "This week, Freebird Airlines has resumed its two weekly charter flights between Antalya and Tuzla, which represents an increase of one weekly service compared to last year. The flight will operate until mid-September."


    4. Anonymous18:39

      And thats all ?

    5. Anonymous18:41


    6. Anonymous18:59

      Tuzla is stagnating, they need more flights ASAP.

  2. Anonymous19:00

    It's an increase of 100%, so twice as many as the year before :P

  3. Anonymous10:07

    It's still not viable outside summer time. Plenty of diversions, cancellations due to frequent fog and ATC closure time.
    For a 100% stable autumn/winter operation TZL would need a better ILS to ensure foggy arrivals (or at least ground low visibility procedures to allow take-offs in lower visibility) and enough air traffic controllers to cover H24 operations. All Wizz aircraft/crew are capable/trained for CAT IIIB operation but the airport infrastructure does not support it.

  4. Anonymous16:47

    The worst thing is that they cancel the flights TZL - VIE - TZL;
    The early departure times were rather the problem; optimal hours would be like
    the new Route from Vienna to Prishtina;


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