Dubrovnik Airport maintains growth momentum


Dubrovnik Airport registered its busiest September on record by handling 405.924 passengers during the month, representing an increase of 5.1%. During the first three quarters, the airport welcomed 2.504.946 travellers through its doors, up 11.6%. Since the start of the year, Dubrovnik Airport added an extra 259.575 passengers.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN26.323 18.1
FEB33.765 40.3
MAR57.880 21.4
APR210.803 39.0
MAY315.037 8.1
JUN415.876 13.8
JUL514.723 8.4
AUG524.615 8.9
SEP405.924 5.1


  1. Anonymous14:58

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous15:57

    My god this is fantastic !

  3. Anonymous03:22

    Passengers added during first three quarters of 2019:

    DBV: 260k
    ZAG: 57k
    PRN: around 180k
    SPU: around 170k
    BEG: 348k
    ZAD: ?

    1. Anonymous08:49

      BEG is just crazy! Wow.

      SPU would be over 200.000 if there was no capacity restraint.

    2. First 3 qurarters of 2019
      Zadar: 604039
      Pula: 728526

    3. Anonymous13:42

      SUP will greatly slow down in the future ... ZAD on the other hand will skyrocket.


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