FlyBosnia extends Riyadh service


FlyBosnia has decided to extend its flights between Sarajevo and the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh into the 2019/20 winter season. Services will resume on November 14 following a two-week hiatus and operate twice per week, each Thursday and Sunday. The airline initially planned to suspend the flights over the winter months. In addition to Riyadh, FlyBosnia will maintain services to London Luton and Rome, with the latter set to launch next Monday.


  1. Anonymous13:34

    Fantastic news! I guess payment issues were resolved.

    1. Anonymous15:37

      Fantastic news for who? Arabs and their winter getaways? This never was and never will be a national airline. Just a tourist connection to B&H and an airbridge to London and Rome via a culturally familiar location.

    2. Arabs? Racist much?
      Arabs bring money to Bosnia and help our tourism sector

    3. Anonymous16:17


    4. And what's wrong with that Anon 15:37?

  2. Anonymous16:10

    To su ipak dobre vijesti! Ne treba zaboraviti da je u pitanju privatna kompanija.

  3. Anonymous16:45


  4. Anonymous17:25

    they should blue on the bottom of the plane and engines on their second plane and get rid of the eyof livery on their first plane

  5. Anonymous18:36

    Bravo Fly Bosnia! Maybe they can offer connecting flights via Sarajevo to London and Riyadh? This airline has a lot of potential if ihe Bosnian authorities offer incentives. It would be a mistake though to move flights away from Sarajevo to Tuzla!

  6. Anonymous09:49

    I also read this morning that FlyBosnia returned back their airplane to USA which will be leased again in April 2020 when higher demand for flights from Middle East. Until the end of March 2020 they will be operating with one Airbus 319.


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