Pristina Airport handles two-millionth passenger


Pristina Airport welcomed its two-millionth passenger of the year on Saturday, 38 days ahead of 2018. So far this year, passenger numbers have improved 10.8%, while the number of aircraft movements grew 13.9%. This year has seen Eurowings establish a base at Pristina Airport, while two airlines which previously had aircraft stationed in the city, Germania and Adria Airways, have filed for bankruptcy. As a result of increased traffic, Pristina Airport is investing some three million euros into new passenger processing equipment. Furthermore, it is in the midst of a 440-metre extension of its runway, which will also include an upgrade to the Instrument Landing System (ILS), as well as new taxiways. The project, valued at 33.6 million euros, is scheduled for completion next year.


  1. Anonymous16:47

    good, so adria did not cause any problems

  2. Anonymous23:59

    Congratulations Pristina!!
    Doing great job everyday going forward! Soon we’ll see PRN with long haul flights by Eurowings based in Pristina.

    1. Anonymous00:06

      That’s what we’re waiting for I’m excited, but not sure when.


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