Sarajevo Airport to get new-look control tower


The Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency has announced plans to overhaul Sarajevo Airport’s control tower. The new-look structure will be modernised in line with the airport’s new terminal building, which is currently under construction. The head of the Agency noted that the tower would be revamped in cooperation with Sarajevo Airport, which is currently in the midst of a significant expansion project. Furthermore, the airport recently selected developers for the long-announced reconstruction of its runway.


  1. Anonymous13:52

    Nice! Great to see so many infrastructure developments at SJJ lately.

  2. Anonymous14:03

    With its new terminal, SJJ will be able to handle 2 million passengers. That is still quite low and SJJ has waaay more capacity to attract more passangers and airlines. The long term vision is what is missing here. Although nice, the new development at the airport is not really impressive. It's mostly because of "the mindest of modesty", if we can call it that way. Playing safe, salary from that state, cool, all is good, right? Not really. However, I am happy to see this development, I just hoped for more ambition.

  3. Anonymous15:37

    Great news. Banja Luka has a nice new tower, Tivat recently got refreshed tower, now Sarajevo. At least some airports are getting it, Belgrade can only dream about it with it's 1962 tower. Good for SJJ.

    1. Anonymous20:50

      So, what's the problem, they should build it every year to be "new"?! Anyway plan to build the new one is announced, so be patient.

    2. Belgrade is getting a new tower, in fact its gonna be the tallest one in the former Yugoslavia

    3. Anonymous07:22

      Nice to hear, BEG is the busiest and most diverse airport in the region so it makes sense to get the best control tower.

    4. "The best control tower"? What kind of tower is that?

  4. Anonymous16:15

    SJJ will look great when everything is finished. The new admin building is under construction, the new VIP salon is almost finished and is a standalone building next to the terminal and looks fantastic, the terminal expansion is progressing nicely, and now the new control tower :)


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