Turkish Airlines boosts Sarajevo flights


Turkish Airlines will increase its operations between Istanbul and Sarajevo this coming winter season. The carrier will maintain double daily flights between the two cities, up from eleven weekly during the 2018/2019 winter season. The airline will operate a daily morning and evening departure from Istanbul. As a result, over the winter months, within the former Yugoslavia, the Turkish carrier will now maintain two rotations per day to Belgrade, Sarajevo and Skopje.


  1. Anonymous14:29

    Wow I was certain it was double daily long time ago.

    1. Anonymous17:41

      U letnjem redu letenja imaju tri leta dnevno.

  2. Anonymous15:03

    I am sure once the 737 MAX issue is fixed, they will start to fly other smaller cities in EX-YU or add the 3rd flight to the capitals if they get the permission.

    Istanbul Grand Airport's 5th runway will be finished before summer 2020, this will provide 90 aircrafts to take off or land in an hour. That gives TK a huge advantage.

    They have 24 737 MAXs which they couldn't use this year, next year they will boost their flights in the area.

    1. Anonymous16:22

      If the feud between Turkey and the West escalates their only European destinations will be those in Western Balkans, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

  3. Anonymous08:49

    they should of done that ages ago


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